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Storm Ridge brothers and race A, Malfurion and Illidan

Storm Ridge brothers and race A, Malfurion and Illidan

Storm Ridge Twin Brothers: Melfarion and Eliden are two of the strongest and most influential night elves in the Warcraft story!

Iliden was thirsty for magic, bold and arrogant, but Melfarion was nature-loving, humble and at the same time the most powerful Droid in Warcraft! Both brothers fell in love one night (shot) and eventually Melfarion came to him.

After that, Iliden, who did not hesitate to become a demon and use black magic to defeat the demons and save his people, took a different path with his brother and was imprisoned for ten thousand years for this crime, and finally became a demonic icon. Found.

In the distant past, a number of Dark Trolls, natives of Azrath, were attracted to the power of the Eternal Spring and settled along its waters.

The magic of the spring greatly influenced this race of trolls, making them powerful, intelligent, and immortal, as well as creating a strong bond between them and magic.

The Caldorians, known as the Night Elves, became a civilized society with different social classes over the generations. At the head of this society was their beautiful queen. The Burning Legion and the courtiers were the queen, and on the other hand the night elves and other races inhabiting the land; During the battle of Sargras, the lord of the legion made changes in some of the queen’s courtiers, which led to the emergence of a new race from the heart of the night elves called the Satyrs.

In the meantime, some of the queen’s courtiers who opposed the summoning of demons joined the resistance and were thus saved. However, due to their strong association with magic, a new source of magic affected their shape, resulting in the emergence of a new breed of elves called the elves.

Satire Dark Troll The elves of Brin lived side by side for more than 7,000 years, enjoying the sunshine, until the Burning Legion decided to invade the inheritance for the second time; But this time, before his arrival, he sent Leach King to the heirs to prepare for his presence.

Leach King corrupted and subjugated the prince of man Arthas Mantil. The New Death Knight, to bring one of Leach King’s key figures to life, Coltozad, one of the great necromancers in Leach King’s service, invaded Coel Thales, the land of the Brin elves, to use Coltozad’s power of the sun’s spring to life. Returned.

The Brin elves resisted Arthas under the command of Silvanas Windraner, but in the end, with the betrayal of one of the elves named Darkhan Darathir, Coel Thalas fell, the Brin elves were killed by Artas and the fountain of the sun was destroyed by the resurrection of Coltozad

Most of the Brin elves, now calling themselves blood elves, continued to fight alongside humans against the Leach King, led by their prince Kyle Tass San Strider.


During the Battle of Kiel Tass, he took advantage of the sudden help against the whip, which was not approved by humans. But with the help of Lady Wash, they suddenly escaped from the black hole.

Lady Wash offered Kiel Dice a new source for the Blood Elves in return, and took Kiel Tess to Outland with O’Leary. Eliden, who was tasked with destroying the Leach King from Kiel Jayden and had once failed in the past due to the intervention of his twin brother, this time intended to attack Frozen Throne directly. Zed attacked, but Artas Mantil blocked his way and severely injured him in a memorable duel. The battle between Iliden and Artas left many dead.

Artaxerxes brought the corpses of the blood elves back to life after being leached, and by combining them with the teachings of vampires, created a new breed of elves called the Dark Falcons. The rest of the blood elves fled to Outland with Kyle Tass in pursuit of Iliden.

During the Battle of Lotmar Thorne, he separated some of the blood elves from the Kiel Tass army and inherited and joined the Horde, thus saving his race from destruction, but the rest of the elves who remained with Kiel Tass did not have a good end.

After the betrayal of Akuma and the attack of Horde and the Alliance on Black Temple, Kyle Tass, who saw the situation as horrible, hid in a place where this place was also exposed and he was attacked, but at the last moment he managed to escape.

Kyle Tass, who could no longer find a way out for Eliden, betrayed him and made a pact with the Legion, then inherited a way. The blood that was inherited by Kiel Dice used Phil’s magic as a source of power and lost control of its use and was named Richt.

Kiel Tass was also in this group. This group tried to summon Kiel Giden to the heirs, but was defeated by the intervention of the blue dragons and Crassus, and Kiel Tass was killed by the heroes of the heirs.



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