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Welcome to the world of World Of Warcraft

Welcome to the world of World Of Warcraft

About ten years have passed since the war between the evil forces and the good forces. The war was waged by the evil forces and they wanted to destroy the human city of Azeroth .

But with the alliance of humans and elves and even a group of orcs called Tauran, the war ended in favor of united and good forces. But this was not the end of the war. The war drums sounded again and another war began, but this Not only human beings were in danger, but everyone was in danger and they had to take part in this war in order to save their world and achieve their goals.

The above words were the introduction to the game. Usually role-playing games, by selecting and creating a character, you try to strengthen it by spending time on it! And usually you start the game by choosing a race and choosing the existing class, which is the same in most of these types of games!

But we have two groups in wow, the Alliances and the Hordes, which are always at war! Each of them has its own races!



Night Elf









Blood Elf

All races have men and women, and you can create your own character depending on your taste.

Unfortunately, the scope of World of Warcraft is so high that I can not give a complete explanation of the whole game, not in two or three articles, but in a hundred articles. However, this article is only about how to play and where newcomers come from.

In any case, at the beginning, you enter the game with a special account. Creating an account varies depending on the type of server you have. If your server is a DVD, you create a username and password in the account creation section and run the server. After a few minutes, Nohak’s program is completed. When it comes to the word Rehish Word, press the game icon and enter.

Enter the username and password and enter the rug registry. Accept the same default movie if you are using a DVD server. Otherwise, refer to the guide of your CD package. When you enter the server or mainland server, there is a small command button at the bottom of your server called Create a new character.

Characters are the characters through whom we enter the world of Warcraft. By clicking on that command button, you will enter the character creation environment. If you use the initial version of the game, you have eight subgroups, and if you use the burning version of Corsid, you have ten subgroups. Subgroups fall into two main groups: tribes and alliances.

The subgroups of the Ittihad group include : (Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Night Nomes, and Dernas).

Tribal subgroups also include : Orcs, Andes, Thorns, Trolls, and Blood Elves.

Each of these 10 races is selectable. Each race has its own history and story, which is briefly described in the left corner of the page. Knowing the history of previous Warcraft stories is essential if you want to become a professional gamer.

However, by selecting any race, a sample or default image of your character will appear. To change the character characteristics, refer to the lower right part. In this section, you can change the appearance characteristics such as skin color, face shape and patterns on the face. Click on the Mail section of the character to change the gender of the character. By selecting each of the subgroups, 4 to 6 icons will be seen below the default character image (in the new game series, ie Leach King Rage, there will probably be up to 8 icons). These icons are called classes. Each class represents a wide range of characteristics for the character. These classes for each subgroup are as follows:

Humans: Warrior – Paladin – Monk – Mage – Warlock – Rogue

Dwarf: Warrior – Paladin – Hunter – Monk – Rogue

Night Elf: Warrior – Druid – Hunter – Monk – Rogue

Gnome: Warrior – Mage – Warlock – Rogue

Orc: Warrior – Shaman – Hunter – Warlock – Rogue

Undead: Warrior – Mage – Monk – Warlock – Rogue

Tauren: Warrior – Hunter – Shaman – Druid

Troll: Warrior – Hunter – Monk – Mag – Shaman – Rogue

Each class has its own strengths and weaknesses, and each is suitable for a particular race that depends on the race’s default forces. Because classes are one of the most important factors in the game, we will explain about each one separately. But first we will describe the three main powers in which the powers of the characters lie.

1- Ridge Fury : Ridge Fury or Ridge Power is the power of anger that is specific to the warrior class. The power of anger is gained during battle and is zero at first and normally.

2- Mana force: Mana force or magical energy is a force specific to the classes of monk – hunter – mage – warlock – shaman – dervish – paladin. This power is complete in progress and is restored spontaneously in case of loss.

3- Internal energy: Internal energy is a power specific to the horns that is complete by default and is recovered automatically.

Class differences are not limited to differences in their core strengths. The differences between the different classes are so great that each class is truly unique. Another difference between the classes is the weapons that can be used by default. Another difference is the three main disciplines of their class and the third are the clothes they are able to wear.

Description of classes:

Warrior : Instead of protecting their cities and participating in epic battles, some Warcraft warriors set foot on the dangerous roads of World Warcraft and go on adventures. Pursue the power of wealth and fame! However, the Warrior class is simple and powerful, and is suitable for gamers who have just entered the world of Warcraft. Because their basic power is Ridge Fury, which is the simplest kind of power. The advantages of this class are high power and the use of heavy weapons and various types of weapons, and of course wearing all three types of clothing and getting a shield. The three main disciplines of the Fury Defensive and Battle Stance classes are different. Fighters are the main offensive line in group games, and their power and skill in using heavy weapons can be well used on the front line.

Hunter : Hunters are adventurers who set foot on the road to hunt ancient and famous monsters. They are all smart and masterful in hiding and are very patient. The hunter class should be considered the second class in terms of ease of use. However, a professional gamer knows that it is very difficult to become a master of hunting and become proficient in all three disciplines of the hunter class. One of the most important features of the hunter class is the ability to use bows and arrows, and in the case of dwarves, the ability to use shotguns and beehives. The weapons in this class are a one-handed ax and a one-handed dagger.

This class is able to use leather and fur clothes as well as fabric, but it does not have the ability to use heavy armor and shields. The second unique feature of this group is the ability to train wild animals such as bears, wolves and cats. The three main disciplines of the hunter class are taming animals, surviving in the wild, and shooting skills. The basic force of predators is mana magical energy. Hunters are very popular because of their ability to use bows and arrows and traps, and they can be used in the second line of defense where they can shoot safely.

Rogue: Rugs are thieves who have served the government and help their people by spying on the enemies and robbing the enemy. Horns are masters at the art of invisibility, and their skills include the art of making poisons and the art of unlocking. The basic force of the horns is the energy within.

Rugs are able to advance in the three disciplines of murder and theft. The main weapon of thieves is short daggers, but thieves can also use various types of throwing weapons. Thieves wear light leather and leather clothing due to the need for speed and stealth and do not use shields. Rugs are less used in group play, but their skills can be counted on when adventure and treasure hunting, and even to spy on enemy lines. But in battle, it is better not to count on them, and it is better to be in the second line of attack or the first line of defense and in front of the hunters.

Paladin : or holy warriors are a group of dwarves and surviving humans from the lord empire who are considered followers of the path of light and sacred fire. Their greatest enemy is the Andes, whom the Paladin fight with their sacred fire. The Paladin class and the warrior are almost indistinguishable from each other because they use both weapons and similar clothing. The only major difference between the two classes is in their basic energy and their disciplines.

The basic energy of the Paladin is mana and their three main disciplines are the healing force, the power of collective defense, and the power of Fury or Stan Aggressive. Paladins have a high position in group play due to their defensive and empowering magic, as well as their healing ability, and they can be used as an auxiliary helper and even as an organizer of defense and attack.

Mage : Mentalist wizards who derive their power from rare twisting and endless space behind stars. Mage class is one of the most advanced Warcraft classes that is recommended for mid-level gamers. According to Warcraft Chronicles, the Adventures of the Magi were usually far away from Dalaran and Kirin Tour, and they themselves trained their magical powers in the fight against the magical forces of the world. Mages, which are one of the most powerful magic classes, can be advanced in three disciplines. Ice fire and transcendental secrets. The basic force of the Mage class is our energy. The clothes used by the mages are only cloth and are usually in the form of long robes.

Swords are able to use long sticks and magic wands. One of the most important capabilities of the mages is opening portals to various central cities, including Storm Wind, Iron Faraj, Darnassus, Urogrimar, Mulgor, Andres City, and Moon Glide. Mages are the most powerful class in combat, and in group play they can be used as the main attack force or the main defensive core, where they safely drop energy and fire bullets on their enemies.

Monk : Monk are the connection of their people with the world of spirits and protect the world of the living from evil spirits and demons. The monks are very similar to the Paladin, and the only difference between the two classes is that the monks have more attack power than the Paladin, who have more defensive powers. The three main disciplines of this class are the healing powers of mind control and the powers of attack. The basic force of this class is mana energy. Monks or priests are able to use cloth clothes and their mold weapon is a one-handed stick. The most unique power of monks is the ability to control the minds of others and see through their eyes. The monks’ special training animals are owls. Priests are good warriors and can be used as an auxiliary force and even a second line of attack because of their restorative powers.

Warlock : or black wizards who spend their magical power controlling and enslaving demons. These people are both respected and rejected by their race because of their truly exceptional powers. Therefore, it has long been said that the way of Warlock is the only way. Either with each other or with no one else. Warlocks, like mages, use the basic energy of mana. His three main disciplines are demonology of destruction and attachment forces.

Warlocks use short daggers and cloth garments. The main power of warlocks is in the appearance of demons. The demon that appears behaves like your pet and obeys your orders. Warlocks can teach their demons new powers and magic. Another of Warlock’s powers is the appearance of fiery horses on which Warlock sits and uses them like normal horses.

Warlocks are powerful forces that can be used by them and their demons in the front line or the second line of defense, where they can draw the energy and force of the opponent from inside or destroy them with fireballs and shadows.

Druid: They are forest people and wizards who use the forces of nature to destroy their enemies and preserve and fertilize nature. Their three main disciplines are transforming the nature of nature’s anger and the power of rehabilitation. Their weapons are long sticks and short daggers, and they use cloth clothes. The basic energy of the druids is mana. The most unique power of druids is to become animals such as bearfish and cats. The Dervids are very powerful and can be used in the front line deformation mode and normally in the second attack line mode.

Shaman : Shamans are another form of monks that belong to a group of tribes. They have a strong connection with nature and they use this connection to protect their people. Their three main disciplines are the essences of nature, the power of rehabilitation and the wrath of nature. Mana is their basic energy and they have weapons and clothes similar to Dervids. Shamans, like the Dervids, have natural powers, but like them, they cannot use direct attack powers. Hence, the best place for them is in the second line or the central core of the defense. Where they use the essentials of nature to destroy enemies and heal their teammates.

In this way, you select one of the 9 classes and enter the name in the name entry field. You can also use the names stored in the game memory by pressing the Rendering button at the bottom of the text. This completes the character construction. After completing these steps and entering the character in your list, you will return to the list of characters and select the character you want and press the enter button.

Enter the world of Warcraft! Initially, depending on your chosen subgroup, a short demo about the date of your

chosen race will be played, which is as follows:

Human : The human race is arrogant and powerful, and their rulership was once stretched from heirs to lords. But with the invasion of the Andes, the northern empires were destroyed and only a shadow of them remained. Instead, the kingdom of Stormwind, which was destroyed during the first orc invasion, has been rebuilt and is now the only human base in Ezra. The King of Inheritance is currently on a journey, and the defense of Stormwind has fallen into the hands of its people. Your job as a member of this community is to join forces and defend the Storm Wind. This way, if you have selected the subgroup of humans, you will find yourself in the courtyard of North Shire Abbey at the end of the demo.

Dwarf: For many years, Dwarf only searched for gems and metals in the depths of the earth and did not go out with people, but the attack of the orcs and the early fall of Iron Faraj took them out of neglect, and today the current king of Iron Faraj That is, Mangi Burns Bird, or Bronze Beard, instructed the Dwarf to explore the outside world more and to help the forces of continuous unity in destroying the Andes and the influence of the devil in the world. As a warrior dwarf, it is your job to restore the honor to the Dwarf . And so if you have chosen the dwarf subgroup, you will enter the game from the Anvilmar Valley.

Night Elf : Night Elf are an ancient and powerful race that has spent many years fighting against demons, and now, after the last unsuccessful attack of demons and their heads, the Archimanders Elves are rebuilding their forests and their beloved Kalimdor. Tiranda Whisperwind and Malfourne Storm Ridge co-ordinate the Night Elves, but in the Shodglen Dervids they set up a new tree for immortality. Although Malfiver warned them that nature would never sanctify such selfishness, the elves planted the tree. But a shadow has fallen over Shudoglen, Darnassus, and other alpine forests, and the effects of the demons’ return are evident. As one of the last remaining Night Elves in the world, it is your job to save your race from extinction. Thus, by selecting the Knights Elf subgroup, you enter the game from Shadoglen, located in Aldarsill.

Gnome : Although the former land of the Gnome has been destroyed and has become a hotbed of crazy names, some of the exiled Gnome reached Iron Faraj and confined themselves behind the impenetrable gates of Iron Faraj. This alliance was undoubtedly in the interest of both sides, and progress was made for both races. In any case, as a young name, you owe it more than anything else to try to reclaim your original homeland. In this way, your character character in Anvilmar enters the game.

Orc : The Orc civilization is ancient and dates back to a land outside the world. Although the blood relationship between the orcs and demons is improving under the care of the trawl master and his shaman advisors, it has not been completely resolved. The Orcs live in their hometown of Orogrimar, along with their allies the Trolls and Goblins, and have a good relationship with Gina Proudhmore, the leader of the exiled humans from the Lords. As an orc adventurer, your first task is to try to destroy the demons and get rid of them. And this way you enter the game as an orc from Dan.

Undead : The Forsaken Andes are a group of Andes who have been freed from the powerful influence of the former Leach King, or Nerzol Ork, and live in the ruins of the Lordavaran capital under the command of Benshi Silvanas and Dardellard Varimatras, although apparently with tribes. They have friends, but in fact they do not really belong to any group other than themselves, and they kill anyone who tries to hunt them down like wild animals, or at least die trying to be free. The Forsyth Andes, although not at war with the Allies, are disgusted with them and are fighting against them.

Tauren : The ancient people of Tauren lived as a tribe in the vast plains of Kilimdor for many years. His main enemy was the centaurs, who had narrowed the field to tournaments due to their multiplicity and speed. But the Orcs came to the aid of the Thorns and pushed back the Centaurs, giving the Thorns grasslands of Mulgor to live and glorify Mother Earth, thus making the Thorns live in the Malgor Plains under Crane Bladov and His children began. As a free tournament you must strive to protect the tribe and be loyal to your orc and troll friends. Enter after the first city of tournaments!

Troll : The Troll were initially scattered in the form of numerous tribes from north in Northrand to south in Buti, but numerous wars and successive defeats pushed them to the brink of extinction. Meanwhile, a number of Dark Spear trolls served the Orki tribes and allied with the trawl, settling on the Doritar shores of the Tribal Land New Land near the Eco Islands. As a tribal jovana, your goal should be to make the tribe proud and destroy the black voodoo. And so your troll enters the game from Dan.

At the beginning of entering the world of Warcraft, the English guide section of the game is activated and you can play with its help. But first, let’s get to the details of the game. If you look at the bottom of the game screen, you will see a taskbar with tiny icons on it. From left to right these icons are as follows:

Backpack : Your backpack is a low memory for storing various objects including food, stone, teleport, weapons and clothes . If you click on your backpack, you will see a small rectangular space of 20 houses, where depending on your character’s race, some food, water and fruit, as well as a white stone and a white package with red ribbon can be seen. If you are a hunter or hunter, you will also see an arrow, a bow and a bow in your bag. If you are a rogue or a warrior, some daggers or axes are in your bag. The side icons are four empty bags that you can fill if you want by buying a waist bag or extra bags.

There are several types of bags and they can be found from four parts to twelve parts. There are four ways to get a bag. The first is to kill the owner of the bag and take it, the second is to steal the bag, the third is to make the bag and the fourth is to buy it. Below your backpack is a small bar that indicates the number of your silver and gold copper coins. One hundred copper coins is one silver coin and one hundred silver coins is one gold coin.

Server control bar : which is green if your server responds well and at the right time and otherwise yellow or red.

Question mark : Used to exchange information or search for specific game topics.

Computer : Used to enter the game Skip menu. In the game menu, you can change the option, log out the character and return to the character selection bar, or exit the game completely.

Earth : To map a Warcraft world. (How to use the map is explained earlier.)

Exclamation mark : Used for online gaming. You inform different people with it.

Golden Cup : The list of quests identifies their difficult situation and their completion or non-completion. Pressing this icon opens a relatively large menu where you can manage your quests or missions, delete them, or learn about them and their difficulty.

Red arrow : is the symbol of the Talent Point menu. In this menu you can manage progress in any of your three character disciplines.

Spell Book : Spell Book is a book that contains your powers, spells and abilities and has four parts. The general or general part that includes your innate and racial abilities as well as your jobs. As well as the three main disciplines of your class.

Small character face : By pressing this button, you will enter the general design of your body and a menu similar to the anatomy menu will open for you. This menu is your character management menu and contains very important and useful information about your character. One of the components of this menu is the appearance management system of the character. The appearance of your character includes all the clothes he wears and the weapons he uses.

Character management is very easy and follows the drag-drop system. Another piece of information you can find in the Character Management menu is the Immunity Control or Resistance Chart section. In this section, you will find the level of immunity of your character against spells. Your character’s resistances are immunity to light, immunity to the shadow, immunity to nature, immunity to fire, and immunity to ice. The second most important chart in the Character Management menu is the Chart State Chart, in which you can see your character progress in combat powers.

Courage, agility, physical strength, intelligence and spirit are the five factors involved in the acetate of your character. As each of these factors progresses, one of your five central forces will advance.

The third character management menu chart under the management category is the appearance of the weapon power chart, which determines the speed of the blow and the damage inflicted on each blow. What we have said so far about the character management menu is only related to the appearance management submenu. Other submenus include the Reptus submenu or Relationships Skills or Skills submenu and the Honor or Pride submenu.

Under the Relationships menu, you manage the level of your relationships with different races and ethnicities in the world of Warcraft. In this submenu you will determine the type of relationships you have with other races. These relationships can be friendly, neutral or hostile. In this menu, you can also see all the independent or affiliated groups in the world.

Under the skill menu, you can find out how much your character has progressed in the use of weapons, as well as your job. You can also find out the type of clothing that can be used for your character and the language of your character. Under the pride menu, if you play online and if you enter the battlefields, you can see your glorious or evil victories from an hour ago to a month ago.

Spell Bar : The spell bar is a bar along the bottom of the game screen where you can drag and drop the most used items. There are six spell bars, one below the other, and you can activate or deactivate them using the up and down buttons in the right corner of the spell bar.

Experience Bar : A bar graded at the top of the spell bar that shows how much experience you have in blue (in a state of mind) and purple (if the character is tired). Each time the bar completes, it adds one to your character rank.

And what about your five central forces:

Courage : For the warrior and paladin classes, this central force is very important because as courage increases, the power of attack increases and the blows land more deadly. Factors involved in the force of courage are the heatpoint and the strength of the weapon.

Agility : The most important factor for rogues and hunters. As the agility of the power of long-range weapons increases, the impact speed increases, and the chances of striking powerful, destructive blows increase.

Physical strength : Physical strength plays a vital role in all classes because the heatpoint raises you and adds to the strength of your blows.

Intelligence : or concentration is almost the most important central force, and as it is increased, the amount of mana increases and the recovery time decreases. As your intelligence increases, the experience you gain will change many times over and your weapons skills will increase.

Ghost : The last central force, the higher the amount, the faster your soul moves and also the less time it takes to recover your hit points and mana.

The next point about the face on the top right of the image is that your face has a green bar (depending on your class) and a red or yellow blue bar next to it. The green bar is your heat point bar that will shrink if you get hit, and will be restored if you get hit and use the herbs of potpourri potions or food.

The colored bar (blue-yellow-red) is the bar of your mana or inner energy or power of anger that decreases with the use of spells and increases in the way mentioned in each case. Except that the mana force is recovered by drinking beverages such as wines, syrups and water as well as drinking mana recovery potions.

If you pay attention, a small mark will appear on the far right of your image. Depending on your group (union or tribe), this symbol is in the form of a shield with the logo of the union or a shield with the logo of the tribes. This way you can distinguish allies from enemies. But for those who are either neutral or belong to neither of the two groups, there is no sign below their image. There is also a small circle under your face on which a number is written in gold. This yellow number indicates your rank, which is one at the beginning of the game and gradually increases throughout the game .

The remarkable thing is that in the initial version of World of Warcraft, you can not go up to the rank of sixty more, but in the burning course patch, you can go up to the rank of ninety. When you enter the attack mode, the logo of two swords appears in the upper right corner of your face, which is a sign of entering Combat Mode.

But the last thing you need to know before entering the story is that this game is one of the most extensive games in the history of world games. And since this game is designed in English, it is important that you are fluent in English. All game quests are given in English. The description of all the things you have to do is in English. And in addition, all the objects in this game have a private name, which you must know all of them so that you can get what you want in the shortest possible time, because one of the most important factors in role-playing games is time management, and this To get what you want in the shortest possible time.

For example, if you want to go to Iron Faraj from Stormwind, is it better to use Nomi Metro? Ride the Griffins? Travel by horse? Or is it better to travel on foot?

So the most important thing in this game is to know. Knowing that this world, like the real world, has a set of rules that you must learn. This means that just as you know more or less everywhere in your city and are familiar with the names of neighborhoods and important parts of your city, you should also get rid of World of Warcraft maps.

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