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Full introduction and review of Battle for Azeroth

Full introduction and review of Battle for Azeroth

This vast multiplayer game gets the fresh air it needed

Reasons for installation:

  • New and exciting areas
  • Some of the best Warcraft storytelling in the world
  • Reasons for avoidance:
  • The looting system needs more work

World of Warcraft has been in the video game space for 14 years, and Battle for Azeroth is the seventh major development in the video game’s long history. As the broad multiplayer game that is the founder of this genre and the formula for its success, World of Warcraft has always been present in the world of computer games, but recently it has encountered problems.

Fortunately, Battle of Azeroth takes the game back to its roots, which is the creation of war, and contains some of the best missions and areas we’ve seen in World of Warcraft. The new style of the game requires a bit of work in terms of looting, but in relation to this old dog in the world of multiplayer games, everything else is in place.

World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth is the seventh most popular MMO-RPG developer released by Blizzard Entertainment. In this expander, Horde and the Alliance once again go to war with each other and figure out one of their most important battles.

Game Story

The story of this expander is a continuation of the events of the Legion; Where the Alliance felt Horde’s first betrayal. In the initial Legion War, the Horde began to retreat due to casualties, leaving the Alliance alone in that brutal war. Horde’s move killed the Alliance leader, who dealt them a major blow.
On the other hand, with the killing of Warchif Horde, Sylvanas took on the role and led Horde. Considering that Sylvanas is one of the most evil characters in the world of Warcraft, his becoming a warrior dealt a severe blow to the Alliance. Recently, Azeroth is producing resources called Azerite, which have tremendous magical powers, and Sylvanas wants to get all of them.
In the Battle of Thorns, he attacks the Night Elves and kills them brutally, to a large extent, and more or less conquers the continent of Kalimdor. The brutal slaughter of the Night Elves and the destruction of their capital, Darnassus, along with the burning of the Tree of life, all went hand in hand, so that even some of the Horde chiefs reacted to these movements of the Sylvanas. The killing of many innocent people angered the Alliance, and their current leader, Anduin Wrynn, attacked Undercity with all his might, freeing it from the clutches of the Sylvanas and taking control of the entire eastern continent. Put. Now the two groups are lining up against each other to wage one of their biggest battles.

In this expander, a new island called Uncharted Islands is added to the game plus four allies for each group. Void Elves, Lightforged draenei, Dark Iron dwarves, Kul Tiran humans are allies added to the Alliance, while Nightborne, Highmountain tauren, Zandalari and Mag’har orcs are allies added to the Horde, each with their own characteristics. Have.

When players build a character from these new allies, their Level starts at 20, and if they bring that character to Level 110 without using a character boost, they will be awarded special rewards, including an ancient transmogrification that includes It’s a fictional past; Of course, this award is only for the same race and can not be used for other races.

Additionally, you are given a specific mount that can only be used by that group. The director of the game has also announced that more allies may be introduced for each group in the not too distant future.

In terms of game areas

In terms of stories from different regions, BFA has done a good job and there is a good variety of stories. Drustvar, for example, located in the western part of Kul tiras, presents one of the most beautiful side stories of the whole series. In this area, the player first realizes that the people are controlled by evil statues, and after rescuing a number of villages, he gradually becomes acquainted with important personalities and confronts the idiots who are causing the problems.

In the north of the island, the story of Lovecraft creatures is followed, who seek to control the minds of the people and take over the city of Boralus. This variety is also true in Zandalar, for example, wild Blood Trolls living in the swamp who perform various rituals and seek to sacrifice the heroes of Horde and Alliance.

In the new version of the game, the PVP section has changed a lot

The PVP part of the game has also undergone many changes, which makes this part more attractive than before. Players have an option called War mode that can only be turned on or off in their capital. By activating this option now, players will gain new powers and the amount of XP they receive will also increase.
Players who enable this option will only see those in the game who have enabled this option unless they are in the capital. Players who activate this option to kill NPCs in the game world without being killed will benefit from more damage and better lives, but a reward will be placed on their heads that other players will kill by that amount. Can receive. A new battleground has also been added to the game with the goal of acquiring Azerite.

Negative points of the game

For all its conveniences, the game’s end-of-life content makes it impossible for BFA to completely free itself from the shackles of the previous version. On the one hand, the game dungeons with all the creations used in them are still very weak and more of a “simulator to kill a lot of enemies” and on the other hand, World Quests are a complete copy of the Legion.

Another thing is that in the new version, none of the game classes have changed much and act similar to the previous version, and although this author believes that this is not a problem, but for many it means the same BFA experience. And Legion. In the case of PvP, instead of a large number of PVP Talents, players now have the right to choose from four PVP Talents, and overall the PVP experience has not changed. Finally, the first Raid of the game is somewhat successful, and the author’s experience of the first three Bosses of this Raid, which have recently been made available through the Raid finder, shows a combination of speed, tactics and high mobility that can comment on new and old players. Absorb WOW.

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