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Tactics Boss 5 Festergut 10 man – ICC

Tactics Boss 5 Festergut 10 man – ICC

For this boss, it is only important to listen to the alarm, and of course, high DPS is also important.

10-person mode spells:

  1. Gas Spore : Creates an explosion that gives AoE Damage to those close by and has a Debuff called Inoculated .
  2. Gaseous Blight :4.4 to 4.6kShadow Damage hits everyone that can not be repelled.
  3. Gaseous Blight : After the first InhaleShadow Damage, it hits everyone at 2.9 to 3.1k, which is not removable.
  4. Gaseous Blight : After the second InhaleShadow Damage, it hits everyone by 1.4 to 1.5k, which cannot be repelled.
  5. Inhaled Blight :A good buff from the Boss that increases the amount of Damage we give to the Boss and the speed of Damage for 15 seconds.
  6. Pungent Blight : 48 to 51k uninterrupted Shadow Damage damage to all players.
  7. Vile Gas :A foul odor is created in the environment where the boss is targeted and causes everyone to raise it, and every 2 seconds it hits 5000 Damage for 6 seconds, and also when players raise 4000 Damage to those who are close, it hits this Damage. It does not affect MDPS if at least 3 RDPS are near it.
  8. Gastric Bloat : This 10k spell hits the Boss target in the form of Nature Damage, and if it reaches 10, it causes a Gastric Explosion and kills the target in place.
  9. Gastric Explosion : Captures the target person and inflicts 30k Shadow Damage to anyone within 10 yards.

Strategy: It is better to kill this boss in 5 minutes, otherwise it will be very difficult.

Location and movement:

Tanks should start exactly where Festergut stands, MDPS should be very close and behind the Boss, RDPS should be 7 yards away, MDPS need very little movement so they can have good DPS but when Gas Spore should go to the Tank profession until the Tanks eat Damage.

But RDPS have to move most of the time and may occasionally enter Vile Gas which immobilizes them for 6 seconds.

There must be at least 3 RDPS in the Raid, otherwise the MDPS will get Vile Gas and this will cause a loss because in addition to listening to the high DPS is also very important.

Since this Boss needs Heal a lot because it damages the players a lot, it is better for the Healers to be in front of the MDPS.

After 2 minutes, Festergut starts Pungent Blight , which causes almost 50,000 Damages to all players, although those with Inoculation Debuff eat 25% less Damage per Debuff. You can get inoculation when you are 5 yards away when the spore explodes.

Never approach more than one Spore during an explosion.

The first Pungent Blight all Inoculation Debuffs, but Festergut continues to hit the Spore. If the DPS is good enough, use the DPS Cooldowns after the third Spore, but if it is not good, use it after the Sixth Spore. Festergut does not die after 5 minutes, it is very hard work.

In 10-player mode, 2 Spores between each series and those who do not have Spores must stand 5 yards from the one who has to get Debuff.

If they get MDPS, which is not a problem, because they are the boss profession, and the rest should express their profession, and if they get the RDPS, those who do not have it and are close to that RDPS will go for it, and when the spore is gone, they will return to Josh.

Important Note: 2 people with spores should not stand in front of each other.


100% should be 2 tanks because first it damages 14000 to 15000 and after the third inhale it damages something around 24000 to 26000 damages, which means that after the third 260% more damages are eaten by tanks.

Of course, if a Paladin is good with Gs, because after taking a few of this Debuff, it will quickly shield and this Debuff will disappear.

Here I will explain with 2 Tank mode.

Gastric Bloat and Gastric Explosion

Debuff on the tanks Gastric Bloat, which if it reaches 10, it will fall into place, so the second tank, or OT, OffTank must taunt 8 to remove those Debuffs from MT, Main Tank.


Healers should be aware that sometimes that one healer may fail due to the same Vile Gas , so none of them should have even a particle of lag, otherwise some will surely die.

How do you do all this cool stuff? This is the trick you have to do. First, all RDPSs and Healers are 8 yards apart and 10 yards from the boss in a circle in the room. When the boss bites.

On the head of 2 players comes a razor blade called Spore that everyone has to get inside the boss until it disappears and then they have to get back to their place quickly.

Tank & OT = Boss should be in the middle of the tank room to start any title should not be anywhere else. After the first banter, Debuff hits the tank, which after 6 must tell the sub-tank to bounce, and so on. This is the job of the tank.

RDPS & Healers = As I said, they should distance themselves from each other and only stand inside the boss when the boss bites and the players come to Spore.

MDPS = They all have a Weissen boss and a heavy Dps body.

But 2 important points:

1. You need a lot of DPS, if you do not know, the attack speed of the bus will increase up to 30%, which means that it will hit everyone in 5 seconds.

2.Heroism should be hit when the boss is below 30% health.

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