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Complete Range DPS roll tutorial

Complete training of Range DPS roll in wow game

DPS is the most common role in the wow game and any class can play a role in this role. There are 2 examples of DPS in this game:

Range DPS : Classes that attack enemies from a distance.

Melee DPS : Classes that must be approached by the enemy in order to harm them.

As a wow player, you should be familiar with the other tasks of this game:

Introduction and complete training of Tank roll ( Tank )

Introduction and complete training of Healer roll


Basic responsibilities that Range DPS must meet

As a Range DPS , you need to follow these tips to be the best you can be in conflicts:

All your thoughts and thoughts should be on damaging the enemy and you should use your spells in the best possible way to inflict maximum damage on the enemies.

Stand in the right place so you can easily hit your enemies with your spells.

Do not stand with other players as much as you can unless necessary.

Attack the enemies who have more priority than the other enemies first. This reduces the pressure in dealing with enemies.

How do I play DPS?

– Research about the desired class

Unlike in the past, today there is no secret to inflicting severe damage on enemies. If you want to learn DPS with a particular class, you need to research the class in question on the websites. Reading the basics and simple is the best way to start learning each role.

Once you have learned the basics, all you need to do is play and learn with experience. There is no better way than to play to improve your skills.

Things a DPS should do in the game

DPSs are usually less responsible than tanks and healers, but if you can not handle the DPS role well, you will get the healers and the tank in trouble and the group may fail in the conflict or so-called wipe.

If you are a Range DPS you should do the following:

Do not get into enemy AoEs (splashes that fall to the ground and injure the person in it) – you may have heard this phrase many times and been in some of these AoEs, but never do it. ندهید; Why? Because you may die and cause the group to be wiped out, or even if you do not die, the healer will bother to push you, which will put the tank in danger and the healer will run out faster .


Prioritize enemies well to kill – all Raid and Dungeon games in the game include additional enemies (called adds) located in the area where they have a higher priority than Boss. There are some add-ons that are very dangerous and should be killed before other add-ons that you should identify by reading the tactics of each Dungeon or Raid.

Stand by the Healer – this is the opposite of what we said at the beginning. Most healers have spills that drop to the ground, causing anyone to be trapped. If you see one of these splashes next to you on the ground, go into it quickly. There are also areas in some dungeons that are created or created during a conflict that you must enter to get the benefits of these areas.

Do DPS after the tank – Hack into your mind that you are not a tank . Let the tank pull the add or boss first and then you will attack because you will cause the add to get out of the tank reach and attack you. In general, try to attack an add-on that is near the tank.

Do as much damage as possible to the enemies – keep in mind that you are called to harm the enemies, so you have to do your best . Even if you execute all the tactics correctly, the bosses must be killed in a reasonable amount of time, and you must use your spells to the best of your ability to accomplish this.

What class should I choose?

There are some players who say that some class is useless or that some class is better than others, but none of this is true. The best criterion for choosing a class is your interest in the style of that class. Each class has its own characteristics and this diversity makes you interested in at least one of these classes.

Below we review all Range DPS classes.



This class is versatile, meaning it can be turned into any role you want. Once you select the Range DPS roll and it becomes boring for you after a while, you can switch to any of the Melee DPS, Healer and Tank rolls and start a new style.

One of the most attractive features of this class is that it can transform itself into a bird in an instant and move without delay to summon Monte. Also, when you are a bird, if you go in the water, you become an aquatic form, which leads to an increase in the speed of this class in the water and staying in the water indefinitely. These features make Multiboxes select this class for formatting.



Hunter is a special and unique class in wow game. Unlike other classes, this class does not use magic or spells, and instead uses Gun or Bow to physically damage the enemy. Hunter can displace enemies, as well as slow down the enemy, damage the enemy, or lock the enemy by placing traps on the ground. This class has an animal with it that attacks the enemy in conflicts and you can control or change this animal. You can also tame and control the animals in the game.



Mage is a class that uses spells to harm the enemy. This class can appear in 3 styles Acane, Fire and Frost, all of which are Range DPS, which means that by selecting this class, you can only play in the Range DPS role.

With this class, you can create a Portal to any of the game cities you want, wherever you are, and easily go to the desired city. This class also has a spell that creates food for you to fill your hill and mana by eating these foods after conflicts.



This class consists of 3 game styles, two of which are called Discipline and Holy in the role of Healer, and has another style called Shadow, which is Range DPS. Priest can bring everyone to life together when his comrades are killed and the conflict is over, which is called Mass Resurrection. It also has a spell that can displace the whole group in an instant, which is called Mass Dispel. This class is more commonly known as Hiller than Damage.



Shaman is a hybrid class specializing in Range DPS, Melee DPS, or Hiller. Thus Shaman class is a combination class that you can play in different roles. This class uses totems that gain various powers, give hills to their allies, and damage enemies that are of the shaman type.



This class consists of 3 styles, all of which play a role in the Range DPS role. Many Warlock spells are CC (spells that take time to execute) and have the ability to hit enemies remotely.

Warlock interacts a lot with his health, including converting his health to Mana, killing his minion to increase the hero’s health level, gaining more power by giving some Health, attracting the enemy Hill, reviving his friend after death using the spell It has Soulstone and..

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