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Everything you need to know as a tank!

Everything you need to know as a tank! And in short, the complete Tank roll tutorial in the wow game

Does your group need a tank? Do you want to take full control of a dungeon? Do you want to choose a new role that requires important decisions and team leadership? Do you want to get to the dungeons faster and not be stuck in the shadows? If so, you should try the roll tank.

If you are new to wow, it’s a good idea to read the World of Warcraft introductory tutorial post .

With the tips below, you can get the most out of your group and dungeon control.

Choose enemies to attack by tanks

A number of enemies in the Dungeon

As a group tank, you have to choose which group of enemies to hit first. The rest of the players are waiting for you to choose the right category to drag (although there are players who pull the categories without being a tank). The first thing you need to do after pulling (hitting enemies and pulling them towards you) is to use AoE spells to attack the enemies. Note that you should not let the enemies hit your groups.

Note : The priority of the enemies is to attack the tank, which will attack them, but if they are hit hard by other players, they will leave the tank and go towards that player, where the tank must attack the enemy with heavy attacks. Enter to target the tank again.

The very important point is that Dodge and Parry can only be used from the front, and if the enemy attacks you from behind, these two features will be ineffective. So you must always face the enemy.

Strengthen yourself when the enemy attacks you

As a tank, when enemies attack you, you must use defensive spells to become stronger and prevent yourself from being killed. The defense spells of each class are different from the other, but in general, some of them increase your Dodge and Parry, others give you Heal, and some give you Armor, and so on. Each tank has a defensive spell with a low cooldown that it must use when pulling each handle.

Control the enemies with the tank

Enemies rarely behave the way the tank wants, but as a tank you have to take control of them the way you want.

As a tank you have to pull small groups of enemies and avoid pulling several groups at the same time (unless you are sure you can hit them all).

Here are some scenarios you will encounter:

The enemy attacks another person : If you encounter such an enemy, hit your Taunt lollipop and use your strongest spell to hit it to hold it.

Range enemies : To control such enemies, you must use Range spells (Range). Of course, players should not target the Range enemy first unless necessary. Finally, if you have to, you have to go to it and force it to hit you with melee splashes.

Large groups : Usually when you fight large groups, they all have to hit a target so that the enemies do not drop the tank due to strong attacks by the players. As a tank, when confronted with a large group, you must use AoE spells to attract the attention of all enemies. When all of them attack you, you need to use your strong defensive spells.

Common mechanics in Dungeons

As a tank, you have a heavy responsibility and you have to watch out for many of the enemy behaviors, the most common of which are listed below.

Read Dungeon Tactics : You must know the tactics of each Dungeon you want to go to.

Cleave Enemies : Some enemies hit a spell when they attack you, which can damage the players behind you. In the face of such enemies, you must turn their heads to the other side so as not to harm your group.

Strong boss attacks : Some bosses and even mobs (common enemies in the dungeon) have spells that can do you a lot of damage. In the face of such spells, you must strengthen yourself with your defensive spells.

Controlling Add-ons : Some bosses and mobs have spells that create new enemies for you. You have to attack them with your AoE spells so that they do not go to your allies.

Effects on the ground : Sometimes the effects are in the form of a circle on the ground, which causes severe blows to the people inside. You should not get into these effects or get out quickly if you are in them (although there are others that you should get into that are a good idea to read the tactics of each dungeon).

Enrage : Some bosses become stronger when the fight lasts longer, for which the tank must maintain its strong defensive splints.

Interrupt : A number of enemies will target you or your allies with powerful spells, which usually take more than 1 second to execute and can be neutralized. Most classes have interrupt spells that cause these spells to be neutralized (note that some spells take some time to run but cannot be interrupted).

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