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Explain the full story of World of Warcraft to Shadowlands


World of Warcraft in 2020 was able to see the color of a new add-on pack called Shadowlands. If you are new, you probably do not know the story of Warcraft. In this article, we want to tell you about the past events in World of Warcraft by explaining the full story of World of Warcraft game to the Shadowlands add-on pack.

The World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, as the latest content in the world of Warcraft, is attractive enough in terms of gameplay to take you to its special and new world. However, if you are new to the subject, you probably do not know much about Blizzard’s long warfare story. Over the years, Blizzard has made the story of World of Warcraft even more complex than you might think, with comics, expansion packs, and even a movie. In this article, we want to define the essential points of the story for you; Tips & Warnings If you knew before you experienced the Sholands, the experience of the latest WoW add-on package will definitely be more interesting and perhaps more understandable to you.

The beginning of the world of Warcraft

In the beginning, even before the universe was formed, the only force that existed was the force of Light. Later, another force called Void emerged. The collision of Light and Wade with each other caused explosions. The energy generated by these explosions led to the formation of the World of Warcraft and, consequently, the formation of new lands. Simply put, the physical world is formed just as Light and Wade meet. This was the beginning of the world, and the energy from the cosmic explosions formed various forms of life.

If we are to find a starting point for Warcraft, we must travel to the distant past; When it all started with The Pantheon Titans; The Titans, known as the Warcraft , spent the first part of their lives dreaming in the form of a creature called the World-Soul. Waking up from this sleep, these creatures tried to find more of their kind in the form of world solo. On the other hand, they were also responsible for shaping the planets and maintaining order and balance within them.

On the other hand, in such stories, besides every good force, there is also an evil force. Accordingly, there were other in Warcraft from the beginning who, as Void Lords, sought to corrupt the Titans and their worlds. Of course, corruption is not in the sense that we know it; Because the Wade lords wanted to homogenize everything that existed with themselves and their environment and create a kind of Eternal Torment. The Wade lords somehow monitored the activities of the Titans, and they gradually became jealous of the great power of the Titans; That’s why the Wade lords decided to take action against them. Because the Wade lords did not know which planets the world’s were on, they sent creatures called the Old to various locations to observe and receive the world’s.


Pantheon Titans against the Lords of Void

The Titans knew the nature of Wade’s energy, but not the identity of the Wade lords or even the ancient . The Titans turned their attention to another dark force in the realm called Twisting, which created evil creatures that we now call demons. These creatures intended to destroy all living things in the world. The Titans were not happy about this, so they sent their bravest warrior, Sargeras, to the scene to avert the crisis. This warrior bravely traveled the worlds for a long time and fought the demons until he realized a strange point.


Sargrass and the first secret he discovered

Sargrass realized that he was confronted with demons whom he had previously defeated. He finally discovered an important secret. Demons will be killed forever if they are killed only in their own realm, the twisting nether. Of course, Sargrass did not fully understand the mechanism of the territory. He only realized that the demons did not perish so easily, and so Sargrass decided to imprison them in a dimension of time called Mardum. This fighter was able to reach his goal and with this, peace returned to the existence of Warcraft.

Sargrass and the second secret he discovered

The tranquility of the world lasted until Sargras, out of curiosity, discovered a world contaminated by the ancient ; A world in which there was a world soul. The demons were also trying to extract Wade’s energy from it. Sargrass also discovered the secret that if the Wade lords could completely infect a world soul, a huge force would be released, through which an evil creature would emerge; A creature that even the Titans of the Pantheon could not stand against.

Wade-infected Titan, on the other hand, could consume all the matter and energy in the universe in one go. This is in line with what the Wade Lords wanted from the beginning; That is, the existence of a unified territory of their own existential identity. Sargras, for the first time, is terrified of this ominous future and splits the World Soul with his sword. This decision causes a huge explosion that attracts both the ancient and the dark energies, but with all these stories, the desired Titan is killed.

Sargras’s ideology and how the Burning Legion army was formed

Sargras’s ideology was that if we were to have a corrupt world, it would be better to eradicate the root of corruption from the beginning so that no vitality would be formed to lead to corruption. Unfortunately, the other Titans had quite a problem with this mindset, and there was a belief in the Titans that one could fight to clear the environment and characters, and not just clear the face of the issue. The Titans unfortunately could not convince Sargrass; Because this warrior believed that even a lifeless planet could be a better option for life than for the entire planet to be conquered by the Wade lords; For these reasons, Sargras was expelled from the Pantheon.

Sargrass decided to build an army of demons alone. He had previously worked hard to build a demon prison, but he eventually recruited the demons by breaking the shackles of the prison. Thus an army called the Burning Legion was formed to somehow counter the corruption of the Wade lords.




Discovery of the planet Azrath and the war against the Black Empire

In the midst of building a hellish army, the Titans were able to find the world-famous planet Azeroth, which was unfortunately polluted by the ancient . However, the Titans realized that Azrath could still be saved. On the other hand, the Titans were a little scared to enter the arena themselves; Because they thought that if they used their powers, the soul of the sleeping Titan on the planet would be seriously damaged. For this reason, the Titans recruited an army of loyal servants.

The army of the Titans’ servants was led by the Titan’s Keepers in the war against the Black Empire. The leadership of this dreadful empire weighed heavily on the shoulders of the four ancient ; Cthun, Yogg-Saron, Y’shaarj, and N’zoth.

The story becomes interesting when we realize that the Titans can not destroy the ancient without destroying the planet because they are somehow connected to the planet Earth. So the Titans decided, like Sargrass’s approach in the past, to somehow imprison the ancient and demons; But in the next one called Elemental plane.



Getting help from the Wells Eternity

Yashar’s power, however, was so great that the Titans themselves took action and faced exactly the same concerns they already had. Titan’s soul was severely damaged and a huge explosion occurred due to this incident. After this incident, the Titans realized that the destruction of the ancient would cause the destruction of the planet Jupiter. The best solution was to continue imprisoning the ancient , and in fact, the Titans had no other choice at the table.


The Titans creatures had absolutely positive traits only at the beginning of their creation, and as time went on, their behavioral traits also changed.

The Titans were finally able to reach their destination. After imprisoning the ancient , they decided to first settle Yashar’s damage to the land using the Well of Eternity. In the next step, the Titans worked on the sleeping Titan spirit to find the power of its past. Then they created a lot of organizations and equipment to help the farming community. It was even rumored that this organization could find more power than Sargras himself. On the other hand, more guards were created as servants of the Titans to ensure the security of the planet properly.

Of course, the Titans’ creatures had absolutely positive traits only at the beginning of their creation, and as time went on, their behavioral traits also changed. The Titans, in short, worked hard to get the planet Earth back on its feet. On the other hand, they waited until one day the Titanic spirit they cared for would finally wake up from eternal sleep.

The Titans were to inform Sargrass that there was no need for violence and that the world could indeed be saved from corruption and darkness without killing a living being. Unfortunately, Sargrass was not guided to any straight path; For when Sargras learned of the existence of such a dormant Titanic spirit, he rose to destroy it because he still believed that the world’s intended soul was corrupt; As a result, a battle broke out again between the Titans and Sargrass, and in the end, Sargrass emerged victorious.



Queen Ashara, Malforin and Eliden enter the story

Fortunately, Sargrass had no idea how he could enter the planet Azrath; A planet where everything was in peace and the inhabitants of different lands were involved in their own lives on the surface of this planet. The problem started when some Azeris, called the Knights Elves, did not use magic properly and somehow signaled to Sargrass where the exact location of the planet was. Sargras also somehow managed to trick Azshara, the queen of the elves, into opening a portal using the magic well of eternity.

Malfurian and Illidan Stormrage were two Knights who decided to warn Queen Ashara of this. The two were close to their destination, but there was disagreement between the two brothers. Malfourine wants to save the planet Azrath by destroying the well. On the other hand, Iliden betrays his brother with a completely opposite view. Eventually the well of eternity froze and a huge vortex formed. Although the extent of the destruction was enormous, the land was saved again.

The story of the planet Inver, the entry of the Jayden key into the story line and how the Horde army was created

When Sargrass saw that he could not take possession of the land so easily, he thought of enlarging his army. So he went to another planet called Argus to take over the three leaders of the Eredar race. Three people named Kil’jaeden, Archimonde and Velen. Of the three, only Wellen turned down the offer and fled to the planet Draenor. For this reason, the followers of Wellen are called Draenei, meaning the people of the planet Inver. Kiel Jayden was offended by Wellen’s behavior because he thought that Wellen had somehow betrayed him and Archimonds.

After a failed attack on Azrath, Kiel Jayden, who joined the Sargras faction, travels to the planet Inner to implement a very clever but vicious plan to corrupt the local orcs to join the Sargras faction. By eating the evil blood with the orcs, Kiel Jiden successfully completes the process of absorbing them. In this regard, the orcs officially become the servants of Sargras and the Legion. This is how the Horde Army is born; An event that originated with no one but Kiel Jiden.



Hord vs. Alliance; Confront Warcraft races with each other

After the successful plot of Kiel Jayden against Wellen and his people, Sargrass left the Hordes on their destroying planet. This unfortunate incident made the Hordes want to find a new place to live. For this purpose, they went to the planet Azrath. The Hordes officially waged a new battle by creating the Dark Portal to Azrath; A battle that was considered an invasion of the land of Azra. The people of Azrath were able to close the Dark Portal by defending their land. Seeing no other way to survive, the orcs repeated the battle by creating several dark portals to the land.

A group of Azrath heroes form an alliance to confront the Horde. In a bold move, they decided to cross the Dark Portal and travel to the planet Inver to destroy the Orcs in their homeland so that no new Dark Portals could be created. However, the Alliance’s plan did not go well, and multiple orca portals caused the planet Inver to split into a new, worse place called Outland. As a result, some of the Alliance forces were trapped on the same planet as the Orcs, and on the other side, some of the Orcs were trapped and trapped in the fields.


لیچ کینگ


The Lich King enters

Kyle Jiden, the cause of all the recent unfortunate events, has officially become a full-fledged devil; The demon who did not sit idle and created a loyal servant named Lich King to continually undermine the planet Earth. On the other hand, during a series of events, a human prince named Arthas fought against the Lich King to save his people. Unfortunately, Arthas is deceived by the Lich King and turns into a Death Knight by taking out a sword named Frostmourne. Arthas officially becomes a soldier in the footsteps of the Lich King’s army, massacring many elves by invading his ancestral lands.



Arthas activities in the role of the Death Knight

Following his battles on the Dark Side, Arthas uses a powerful magical resource called Sunwell to resurrect a creature called Kel’thuzad to summon Archimondes, a powerful ancient . Arthas’s recent performance has caused Sanol to openly lose its function and become somewhat corrupt. The abilities of the High Elves were heavily dependent on Sunwell; For this reason, the prince of this group of elves, named Kael’thas, changed the name of his race to Blood Elves. Prince Caltas changed the name of the race to pay homage to those whose blood was shed in defense of their land against Arthas.


The story of Artas’s fight with Silvanas Windraner

Arthas has previously fought and eventually defeated an A-type general named Sylvanas Windrunner. Instead of killing Silvanas, Arthas separates his soul from his body and turns Silvanas into a banshee. By transforming Silvanas into a Benshi, he also formally fights in the service of the Lich King. When Artaxerxes’ power as the Black Knight finally weakens in the wake of successive battles, Silvanas escapes from captivity but remains a bench. Silvanas decides to take severe revenge on Arthas; That’s why he counts the moments to kill Arthas.

The end of the Artas route and the arrival of the new Lich King

When Kiel Jayden’s servant opens the gates to the land of Otland Dark, the Alliance and the Horde travel to Otland to decide to stop the Legion from invading the heart of the matter. They find out in Holland that there are also healthy orcs that are not rotten, so they are on the side of the protagonists. When he made the Horde band, Kyle Jiden formally ate the Demonic Blood to make the orcs fall into a vicious spell. For this reason, orcs are highly prone to being attracted to the dark force. The clash between the legions and the heroes escalates and the Lich King suffers serious damage in this battle but does not disappear.



The Battle of Groumash and Troll against Archimondes and the formation of Ergrimar and Tramor

In the midst of the trawl and orchestra’s efforts to find a safe place to live, the trawl, along with another powerful man named Grommash Hellscream, leads a major war against Archimonds and his army. Eventually, Gromash was able to repel Archimonds and his forces from their planet.

Alliance and Hord worked together to defeat Archimonds and the Dark Forces. Tral and Jaina decided to normalize relations between the Orcs and other races. For this reason, in order to facilitate inter-racial communication and trade, the Orcs established a place called Orgrimmar and a local alliance called Theramore. They proved that it is possible to live together and even interact in peace and without tension.


کیل جیدن


Kiel Jiden vs. Lich King

The Lich King survived a very difficult battle. He came to the conclusion that he no longer wanted to be a puppet for his master Kiel Jiden. Kyle Jaden learned of Lich King’s intentions and decided to free Iliden Stormridge from his 10,000-year captivity. We have already said that Iliden was tempted to use the power of the well of eternity and eventually became known as a traitor. Eliden was released by Kiel Giden after 10,000 years in prison; Because the Legion desperately needed a powerful weapon like his.

Kiel Giden complied with any of Eiden’s demands so that the soldier could defeat the Lich King. However, it is interesting to know that Iliden did not see any special loyalty to the Legion. Eliden called on the Naga Army and Lady Wash for the mission. Lady Vasjh and the Naga group were formerly elves who were once ruled by Queen Ashara; Just when Ashara had given Sargrass access to the world of Azrath. With the explosion of the well of eternity, these elves drowned, but thanks to an ancient named N’zoth, they were all saved, but they changed their identity to a new form called Naga. There was also another man named Kael’thas, who was once the leader of the Alphas.



Iliden battle against the Lich King

Eliden and his army set out to kill the Lich King, but Arthas, as the Death Knight, was able to defeat them. Eliden was forced to flee to Otland from another direction to find a way to stop the legion after regrouping.

Until now, the people of Azrath have not been able to see peace and security for a long time. For example, we can refer to the story of Ragnaros, who is known as the lord of fire in the world of Warcraft and is openly one of the most powerful negative characters in this world. We can also mention the Nefarian, the Black Dragon and the Deathwing, who were at the top of the mountain. In any case, with the passage of time, Eiden in Holland thought of destroying the Legion.


Collaboration of Wellen and the Army of the Orcs with the Alliance

On the other hand, the Alliance Alliance was led by Wellen as the Drainies joined them; Because many Hordes had been hiding for fear of their lives during the war in Otland. Wellen was able to organize them and join the Horde front.

The Elves joined Horde’s army, led by Tral, from another direction. The Elves accepted this with the help of Silvanus. As we have learned in the past, Kiltas, the former leader of the Bloody Elves, is now working with Iliden in the land of Otland.

The Alliance and the Horde enter the land of Holland to confront Iliden. After a long time, the trawler enters his native land, and upon arrival, he meets Garrosh, the son of Gromash Hellaskrim. If you remember, Gromash was the brave and powerful warrior who was able to save his people from the curse of evil and archimandrite blood. Grosh eventually joined the trawl to travel to Azrath; The same place where the Alliance had not allowed the Orcs in the past to invade their lands and find a home.



The conspiracy of Kiltas

On the other hand, Eliden, Naga, and Kiltas began to advance, but in the middle of the work, we learn that Kiltas had secretly collaborated with Kiel Jiden to create a gateway to the land for Kiel Jiden to enter. It is interesting to know that the gate in question was built in Sanol; Where it had lost its function in the past and the elves were officially defenseless. Alliance was able to use the same trick against Kiel Jiden to oust him from the planet.


The closure of the Artas case and the entry of a new Lich King into the story

Yagusharan was another ancient evil who threatened the life and safety of Azrath. This dangerous creature tried to escape from his prison. However, the people of Azrath, with unity and solidarity, were able to avert this danger and threat, and on the other hand, put an end to Arthas’s life as a death knight. The movie scene of the end of Artas’s case is definitely still in the memory of Warcraft fans, who, along with the sad and beautiful music of the game, exchange a dialogue between the son and the father:

Arthas: Dad, is it over?

Father: In any case, no kingdom will rule forever, my son.

Arthas: I see only black [emptiness] for myself.

This rule exists unwritten in the world of Warcraft, in which case a lich king must be present in the world. At the end of Arthas’s storyline, another man named Bolvar Fordragon, who is also a human, becomes the new Lich King. The Scurge Army finds a new leader in the process.

Silvanas’s hard decision and a trip to the afterlife

In the same situation, Silvanas is gradually becoming skeptical about his identity. He, who had nothing in his heart but revenge and hatred, decides to end his life and free himself from the shackles of this world; Because he also felt that he was a person like Arthas and in the end there would be no good end for him. For these reasons, Silvanas decided to put an end to his own life and threw himself from the top of the ice tower. Instead of going to a better place, he was trapped in a hell-like place.

Silvanas met the Val’kyr in his afterlife. Valkyries are warriors who lead ghosts to a place called the Halls of Valor. The Lich King Valkyries are said to be very scary creatures, but in any case, after Lich King’s death, they decided to make a pact with Silvanas. The Valkyries simply wanted to get rid of the Lich King icy throne. Silvanas could then return to the real world.

Deathwing dragon rises

Silvanas found a new motivation and goal. On the other hand, the planet Azrath had undergone many changes. Deathwing, for example, regained its lost strength. The ancient were able to communicate with him and thus get rid of their prisoners. War and chaos swept across the planet Earth. That’s why Genn Greymane decided to put up walls all over the country; This measure was very useful in dealing with external threats, but it could have been very difficult to deal with if threats and danger had formed within the walls.

The curse of Worgen was a new and ominous event that befell the people. According to this curse, people lose their conscious mind and become monsters. Fortunately, they can be persuaded to regain control.

Troll decides to travel to Otland and change the leadership position of the Horde group to Grosch

Troll, on the other hand, decides to travel to Outland to learn more about the ongoing riots and even to try to solve the problem. On the other hand, since Troll was the leader of the Horde group, he had to choose a replacement for himself in the leadership position. Because Groosh had somehow gained the trust of the trawl during previous missions, the trawler chose Groosh as interim leader of the Horde after considering the aspects. The trawler’s decision sparked controversy among Horde’s senior officers. People like Cairne and even Groosh himself expressed concern about the decision. With these descriptions, the trawl to Holland left the Horde group and the management of the Horde group was left to Grosh.

Intra-group clashes intensified between the Hordes, and even clashes broke out between the Alliance and the Hordes. Crane believed that Groش’s decisions were not in line with what Horde was fighting for, and so Crane challenged Groشe in a bold move. Crane asked Groosh to fight to the death. The winner of the field could take the lead of the Horde.


Conspiracy against the catastrophe and the beginning of the events of Cataclysm ( Cataclysm )

The story becomes interesting when the villains of Groosh, by dipping his weapon in a deadly poison, made Crane lose his life in this fight. Following this, Baine rose as Crane’s son to lead the Horde. In the same vein, Death Wing, on the other hand, caused a chain of natural disasters to occur in the Aras by rising from Deepholm. The scale of the catastrophe was such that the boundaries between the physical and the mental world were blurred. The event of Cataclysm, as it began with Deathwing’s entry into the abyss, later ended with the death of the dragon.

From this point on, Troll called himself Go’el; The name his parents gave him. During his voyage to Otland he was able to recruit the Kezan Goblins; Creatures led by Jastor Gallywix. The Goblins lost their island during the cataclysm story and joined the Horde.

On the other hand, Goel allied with the other dragons to defeat Deathwing so that another cataclysm would not happen again. Goel then tried to compensate for the damage. For this reason, Majd introduces Groush as the head of the Horde group. This time, Groush did not follow the vision and line of the trawl policy; Because Groush believed that alliance should not be begged for in order to receive resources. He believed that Horde should get what he deserved without question. In the same way, this conflict of ideas caused the city of Tramor to be bombed, and officially the place that Jaina Pradmore once built for the alliance between the Horde and the Alliance was suddenly razed to the ground.


The controversy reached the secret land of Pandaria

The controversy between the Alliance and the Hordes led them to open up to another secret land called Pandaria. The members of Pandaria, due to their temperament, joined one of the factions and a fierce war broke out in this land. Ji Firepaw, led by Indigenous members of the Horde, and Aysa Cloudsong, led by Indigenous members of the Alliance. The skirmish between the two fronts lasted so long that Yashar, thrown out of the surface of the planet Azrath, dropped some of his pieces into Pandaria and merged with a dark force called Sha; A negative force that was strengthened by negative emotions and feelings. The Pandarins had to deal with this problem, but Groush was fully concerned with improving the condition of his army.


Yasharash heart; Powerful tool in the service of Grush

It turned out that Yasharash’s heart lies underground in the same land of Pandaria. In the same way, Groosh gradually came across features from this ancient

Interestingly, the Grush did not rot like other Hordes or other races using the power of the ancient . Wade’s force apparently had another effect on Groosh. Groosh used the power of Yasharash’s heart only for his purposes. However, Groosh’s extravagance in conquering new lands led his followers to gradually come to the conclusion that Hord’s way of life was not what Groosh had taken.


The Dark-Aspire Revolution led by Volgin against Grosh

To counter his outburst, Vol’jhin was able to lead a revolution known as the Darkspear Rebellion. Wolgin was able to seize power by working with the Alliance. Voljin, however, did not kill Grosh. Wolgin took over the leadership of the Horde group and sent Groosh to court for all his war crimes and immorality to answer.


The intervention of a dragon named Kairsdomo in the story

The trial took place in the same Pandaria, but instead of facing punishment, Grosh was rescued by a dragon named Kairozdormu. This dragon sent Grosh into another parallel past in time; Just when the orcs were being offered evil blood on the planet Inveror, the same curse that had been raging for years, but why did the dragon have to step forward to help Groosh?

Iron Horde, Legion and Archimonds

Cyrus’s idea was for Groosh to be able to deploy a new army and stand in front of the legion in time, but Groosh had no interest in doing so, and in an unexpected move, killed Cyrus and one of the events that was to happen to his father. Prevented a parallel world. Grosh was able to persuade the people of Inner to stop drinking evil blood, but he had other goals in mind. Groosh formed an army of new hordes known as the Iron Horde. By doing so, Grosh wanted to take over the planet of Azrath once and for all.

The portal portal changed to red instead of finding its usual black shape and color. Azrath was attacked again after the incident. The Alliance Alliance and the Horde worked together again to cross the Dark Portal to tinker with Groosh and the Iron Horde in the same place and time. Although Grosh was finally defeated by Goel, or the former trawler, the orcs eventually became servants of the Legion by reusing evil blood. After this incident, even Archimonds found himself in trouble again, but all of them were defeated. Of course, in the last moments of his life, Archimonds sent a character named Gul’dan to the main timeline to start another invasion by the legions. ; This invasion was the greatest battle the inhabitants of the planet Azrath saw with their own eyes.


Goldan’s battle against the inheritance and sacrifice of Varian Varin

Horde and the Alliance did their best to suffocate this battle, but they had no idea that all these stories were just a trap. Volgin was poisoned by demons during the battle, and Silvanas was forced to order a retreat. Silvanas’s decision left the Alliance united on the battlefield. Alliance champion Varian Wrynn was forced to sacrifice his life to help the Alliance retreat. With Varian’s death, his son Andoin took over the leadership of the group. Before his death, Wolgin ordered Horde members to accept Silvanas as their leader. Eventually both unions decided to close the gates from which the Legion began its offensive.

After all this war, Eliden Stormridge was right. Sargrass and his legion will never stop unless they are all killed once and for all

By traveling to the Broken Isles, the fighters were able to find certain antiquities to close the portals, but as the story progresses, we realize that closing the portals alone was not enough to repel the attacks. After all this war, Eliden Stormridge was right. Sargrass and his legion will never stop unless they are all killed once and for all.

Eliden had previously trained several Damon Hunters in Outland. At the moment, these creatures have been released from their prisons. Their master was killed almost late in The Burning Crusade. His presence and that of the Hunters’ Demon at this time was strongly in favor of both alliances; Because the existence of such powerful creatures could be extremely useful for destroying the legion.


Closing the Sargras case and introducing a new element called Azrit

With the help of Damon Hunters, only one mission was left after Goldan was defeated and his army escaped; Fight Kiel Jiden. The battle with this character made us travel to Argus or Drinor in the past. Kiel Jayden opened a huge gap between the two worlds, and when we travel to this place, we find out that Sargrass tortures the Titans of the Pantheon to act according to Sargrass’s request. The Titans, with their activities in the past, have made it possible for them to see the chance of freedom with their own eyes.

The Titans had shown the Legion and Sargrass that a corrupt planet could be far more profitable than death and destruction. Sargrass finally drew his unique sword to destroy Azrath forever. He was even able to do fatal damage to the planet with his weapon, but the Titans were finally able to re-imprison him. With this incident, the case of Legion and Sargras I was closed forever. Of course, the fatal damage that Sargrass inflicts on the surface of the earth, new matter is released from the surface of the earth, which is known as Azerite. The people of Azrat realize that azrit is a very valuable substance, and for this reason, this substance becomes a new excuse to start a dispute between the alliance and Hord.

Start a tough battle to take Azrit

The Alliance draws on the Hordes, the Wade Elves, the Dark Iron Dwarves, and the Kul Titans to counter the Horde. On the opposite side of the Horde’s force are nightburns, mountain tours, Mag’har orcs, and Zandalari trolls. On the other hand, there was a lot of talk behind Silvanas about Groush, but he was not disappointed and by making his decisions, he caused the Knights Elf settlement to burn down and officially commit genocide. Silvanas’s actions led people to begin to wonder why Volgin chose Lady Benshi as leader.

On the other hand, a man named Magni Bronzebeard, the former king of the Dwarves, was on the Alliance front for many years, and by making the Ashbringer weapon, he tried to defeat Arthas in the horror of the death knight with this weapon. At the beginning of the cataclysmic event, Magni turned to stone in a place called Old Ironforge, where he remained for a long time. Magni came out of his stony state after what Silvanas did and the genocide of the Night Elves took place. In the story, we find out that Magni had somehow become a Titan, and when he woke up, he officially became the spokesman for the Titan inside him. We find out that Titan is in great pain, but maybe if he gets hurt, he can save Titan from the danger of death and also prevent the destruction of the world.

Nazat is released

Rescuing the Titans did not seem to be a difficult task, but the dark forces were lurking. As one of the ancient , Nazareth and Queen Ashara with the Naga army waited for the ideal time to attack until they realized that the heroes of Azrath were exactly where they should be.

Utilizing Azrath’s heart, a device used to store Azerit, Nazareth is released from prison. An ancient was released for the first time after the Titans erected the planet Earth. History seems to be repeating itself, and the Alliance and the Horde once again worked together to confront a larger enemy. We will find out what happens in the future in the Shadowlands add-on package.


Silvanas and the Story of the Shadowlands

Due to some of Silvanas’ decisions that we mentioned in the past, his people rebelled against him. Silvanas decides to destroy Lich King’s magic hat in an unexpected move at the start of the Sholandlands expansion pack, after a fierce battle with the Lich King. Although the boulevard survives the Battle of Qasr, the Scurge Army remains without a leader. With this action, Silvanas opens a new land to the territory of the planet Azrath, which is called Shadowlands.

Shedlands can be considered a kind of ghost land. If the spirits are not able to be corrected or rescued, they are sent to a place called Maw and get stuck there forever. Other spirits typically enter one of the four realms that exist in the Shodlands; Domains that, depending on the type and lifestyle of the person in his physical body, will be home to spirits.

Silvanas, by what he has done, has caused all the spirits to enter Mao directly. He apparently got involved with our jailer, The Jailer, for reasons we do not yet know. On the other hand, instead of electing a new warfare, Hord hired an association of leaders to carry out activities based on collective wisdom. In the course of Silvanas’ work, Scurge captured many of the leaders of the various lands, such as Gina Pradmore, Anduin Verin, and Tal.

You need such a story background to start your adventures in The World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Otherwise it will be extremely difficult for you to communicate with the characters as well as the vast world of WoW; Because you are unaware of the nature of Lich King and you have no idea who Silvanas is, where he came from and why he shows such behavior in the very cinematic sequence of the game. Of course, it should be noted that the story of Warcraft is more complex than these words, and the characters each have many stories, and it is possible to write a detailed article for each of the characters of Warcraft.



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