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cinematic Wrath of The Lich King

cinematic Wrath of The Lich King

HORDE : Consisting of five races called, undead, Orc, tauren, troll and blood elf
Alliance : Consists of five races named dwarf, draenei, gnome, human, night elf






Each race consists of several classes, which you can see below a summary of class skills.

Warrior : A hero or warrior can use almost any weapon and armor. Of course, its main weapons are ( Sword ), (Ax) and (mace). And its main armor is (Plate). has it.

Warrior capabilities are known in two ways.

1. (dps): which deals heavy blows.

2. which is known as a tank and focuses more on the armor than damage and can easily withstand heavy blows.

Paladin : This class, like warrior, can use almost all weapons and armor, but his main weapon is usually a mace or sword and uses armor, plate.

paladin has the ability to use a two-handed weapon and a shield or a two-handed weapon.

Types of paladin , which are three categories: 1. Dps (description in the paladin section.) 2. Tank (description in the paladin section.) 3. Which is a healer and makes the paladin a whole class. The paladin can normally recover his lost life, but in the case where he puts his main specialty as a healer, he can terribly frighten himself and those around him. To heal.

Rogue : means a man who snatches a bag or cheats. rogue can use sword , mace and (dagger), but his main advantage is dagger, which needs dagger to perform some of its powers, and the clothes he can use are leather, which has less power than Plate.

Rogue specializes in hiding and confusing the opponent and attacking from behind because rogue hurts the enemy more from behind.

Hunter : As its name implies, it specializes in (gun), ( Bow ) and (crasbow). His clothes are iron, which is stronger than leather but weaker than plate.

The hunter has the ability to tame one of the animals and choose it as his pet. It also needs to be one of the hunter’s troubles.

The hunter traps the opponent with his powers that if you fall into the hunter trap, your speed will be drastically reduced and then the bow or gun arrows will defeat you quickly.
Of course, 90% of the classes can use the gun or Use a bow , of course, in a very weak way, but the hunter has the main advantage of a bow , a gun, so he shoots much faster and stronger.

Mage : Wizard. As I said, the wizard and all his power is based on magic, and the weapon that he touches (Staff), of course, does not use his weapon to hit, and adds more ability to the character. The clothes used are cloth, which is weaker than all the clothes.

Mages are divided into 3 categories.

1. Fire comes from its name, which uses the magic of fire. arcane This type of mage destroys more than fighting. For example, one of its spells is that its enemy can not use its power for a few seconds.

Warlock : Its Persian equivalent is witch. From my name, you can see that it looks like a mage, but there are many differences. The most important feature of warlock is that it has a pet, of course with a pet. hunter is completely different warlock To get a pet you have to do a Quest mission and it is special if the hunter can choose any animal he has as a pet.

warlock , like mage, uses staff, armor , cloth, this class is based on magic, but not fire, frost, arcane, but black magic or shadow. Meanwhile, warlock is the only class that can kill mana opponent. I will explain about mana later).

Druid : In Persian it means priest and fortune teller. This class is a strange class and it is difficult to work with, but at the same time it is perfect. The type of clothes he uses is Cloth. Now I will explain how strange it is that a druid can transform himself into an animal, but not every animal, which in each case has different properties, which I will explain one by one:

Cat form : which is in the form of a black tiger (Alliance) and a horned lion (HORDE) and in this case you become a rogue

bear form : which is in the form of a bear in both groups, in which case you become a full-fledged warrior.

travel form : In this case, you become a leopard that your speed (speed) increases significantly and is very useful for traveling or escaping .. (druid has other forms as well) Which I will explain later like wizard and healer,…)

Priest : In Persian it means priest. One of the rarest classes, but at the same time very effective in group play. The type of clothes he wears is cloth and the good thing is mace. A team like BG, Arena, inss (I will talk about these later) need a priest. Indeed, a priest like paladin can revive players who have died during a conflict.

Shaman : He was considered a good wizard in North Asia… But I do not know much about him because I did not play with him, but I will try to research more later in the rain.

But what is the most common use of shaman totem poles? There are short sticks that only a shaman can make a totem using his powers and he and those around him can use it. There are types of totems that I do not know, but some like mana totem, air totem, water totem and fir totem have their own use. For example, mana totem causes the meaning of himself and those around the totem to be retrieved.

Death Knight : Death Knight is the name of this class. They are known as Lich King servants (of course, Lich King’s servant deserves merit), so first you have to show your merit to Leach King, do you know how ??? I say: first you have to choose one of the above classes and reach Level 55. Then you can make a hero from the death knight class… This class has new capabilities that you can enjoy playing with.

One of the special things that no class can do is that it can take out the bodies of the animals it kills and use it as a pet for a while.

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