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What are Armor and Armor Penetration?


The topic I want to explain about * is related to 2 factors: Armor and Armor Penetration, which are the prerequisites for teaching the classes: * Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, Paladin, Druid Feral and DK!


What is Armor and what does it do ?!
A factor that protects our hero against physical attacks and makes us less damaging against these factors!
You may be wondering what physical damage attacks are and by what classes they are hit!
In the first place, all the white attacks that are hit by Weapon iron attacks are of the physical type, and the classes: * Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, and Druid Feral, the main attacks that they give, include this type of attack, in the case of DK and Shaman Enh classes. And Paladin, the physical damage involves less!
For example, the DK class includes some attacks including spell attacks, which are of the type of magic elements {Magic Schools}, which are Frost and Shadow, and some attacks include physical attacks!
In the case of the Shaman Enh class, it includes the major attacks of the Natural and Fire type, and the lesser part includes the physical!
Paladin class, which are only physical attacks or the same Weapon white attacks are of the physical type, and the main attacks in this class are of the Holy element type!

The Armor factor can be increased by wearing or equipping items. Like: Head, Leg, Chest and even Finger and Trinket!
And it should be noted that Plate items have the highest amount of Armor, especially items for tanks {Items that defend}
The amount of physical damage that the Armor factor decreases, * Like the Resistance factor has an upward trend!
And do not forget that the Armor factor will not protect us against spells and attacks of magical elements!

Armor Penetration:

The factor that ignores the Armor value for your physical attacks on the target, which will result in more damage to your physical attacks, and has the greatest impact on the Warrior, Rogue, Hunter, and Druid Feral classes, whose major attacks and attacks are physical. There is less impact for DK and Shaman Enh classes, especially Paladin class, which has the least impact from this factor!
In general, every 14 Armor Penetration Rating ignores 1% of the Armor Target for you, and finally the 1400 Armor Penetration Rating ignores 100% of the Armor Target for you!
Note that Armor Penetration greater than 100% becomes 1400 Armor Penetration, * will have no additional effect!
And that Hard Cap and Soft Cap or the maximum and minimum amount, this factor is different for each class, which will be explained in the special training for each class!

This factor can be increased by taking items, sockets, enchantments and even Elixir and foods!

I hope the above explanation has been helpful and has clarified some of the ambiguities regarding this factor for friends!

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