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How did Blizzard achieve such a position?


How Blizzard achieved such a position

Among all the game companies, there is only one company whose works are among the best games in history (Blackthrone, Warcraft, StarCraft, Diablo, World of Warcraft and…). Makes very few games, and if he is not satisfied with the quality of the game he is making, he stops it if the game is in the final stages of development (like StarCraft: Ghost). His latest dream is to see Blizzard. In addition to a full tour, Blizzard has given him a unique weapon and character in WoW.

Most importantly, it cares more about the quality of its products than their revenue; Because he believes in his work. The most important factor in Blizzard’s success is that it does not care how much money it spends on game development and only thinks about the final quality of the product (of course, this does not mean that Blizzard does not care about finances). Not found

Rather, Blizzard’s success comes from the efforts of its founders, and after years of continuous effort, it has now reached that position. The company we know today as Blizzard was formerly known as Silicon And Synapse, which was founded in 1991 by Frank Pearce and Allen Adham and is as big and famous as it is now. Was not. At the time, Silicon And Synapse was releasing its games through Interplay, which brought Interplay a lot of revenue and fame.

SAS members also decide to release their own games, seeing that Interplay has reached such a position through their company, while still being unknown.

Therefore, in 1994, SAS, after going through the legal process, gained the necessary authority to publish its games and started working under the new name Blizzard Entertainment. Blizzard Entertainment has released its first game called Warcraft: Orcs & Humans, after which the company decides to make the next issue of the game. That’s why Blizzard released Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness in 1995. This title was much better than the previous game and was full of pure ideas.

Due to this, it achieved significant success.

By now, the company was somewhat balanced and ready to show its true potential. Blizzard decided to expand to offer better work, so it bought a small company called Condor and started a new studio called Blizzard North, which would integrate Condor members. The newly formed studio also made Diablo in 1996, which was well received by critics and gamers alike, adding to Blizzard’s honors.

Blizzard was no longer a start-up and inexperienced company, it had established itself. That’s why he released an add-on pack for Warcraft II called Beyond the Dark Portal, which, like the original game, was a huge success. But that was just the beginning, and Blizzard had bigger goals in mind, so in 1998 it released its biggest game to date, StarCraft, and then the expansion pack called Brood War. Which made Blizzard famous for a long time.

The reason for StarCraft’s success was that it transformed the overall strategy style of the game. StarCraft gameplay at that time had become the standard gameplay of games (to date, no company has been able to change the overall shape of games of this genre).

Blizzard’s success was accelerating in those days, and its popularity was growing by the day. Until Diablo II hit the market and registered another honor in the Blizzard Honors Book, the fastest-selling record in history was Blizzard in 2000, selling one million copies in the first month, and then in In 2001, an add-on package for Diablo II called Lord of Destruction was released, which also sold very well. After Diablo, it was the turn of the new Warcraft issue, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, and this incredibly beautiful and unique game was released to the world market in 2002, and once again showed the power of Blizzard and shook the rivals.

A year later, Blizzard released the game’s expansion pack, The Frozen Throne, which continued the story of the previous game, which was not only no less than the original game, but also brought many positive changes. Then in 2004 Blizzard unveiled its true power and immortalized its name with the release of the gaming industry giant World of Warcraft, which many critics say is the best MMORPG (online role-playing game) in history. He proved his power to everyone and made changes in the MMORPG style that took several years.

But Blizzard has come a long way in accelerating the growth of the gaming industry. World of Warcraft had the highest and fastest sales in the history of the gaming industry at that time. WoW was one of the few games that remained at the top of the bestseller list for a long time.


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