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The Story of FrostMourne (Leach King Sword)

The Story of FrostMourne (Leach King Sword)

The sword is enchanted when Nerzol, Leach King, throws it out of its icy slice, leaving Arthas Mantil unaware of his hosting potential. He found Frostmoren on the continent of Northeast. Frostomorn is now in the hands of Arthas / Leach King.

The last time bronze-bearded dwarf explorer Moradin was seen in Nerthand, he had heard of Frostormon’s power and sought it out when Arthas and his men arrived in Nerthand. When the forces of the savage Lord Mulgans began to besiege them, Arthas and Moradin sought weapons.

Frostormon was guarded by a large number of immortals. They tried to tell Arthas about the danger of Frostormon, but Artas killed them nonetheless. When they found the sword on the slate on which Frostmoren was standing, they read the inscription:

Whoever wields this sword will have power forever. Wherever he uses a physical sword, power will tear his soul to pieces.

Moradin realized that the sword had been cursed, but Arthas happily said that he would accept any curse to save his motherland. When Arthas uttered those words, the ice that covered the sword broke and exploded. A piece of it hit Moradin and killed him in the tail. Arthas never bothered to drop his hammer again and picked up his sword.

With a sword, Arthas returned to his base, prepared a counterattack against Mulganus, and quickly destroyed the Lord of Terror base. The panicked Lord confronted Arthas, and told him that Narzavi knew he was picking up the cursed sword. He spoke to Arthas as if he believed he was on the Lord Terror front. To surprise the devil, Arthas used a cursed sword to kill the Lord of Terror at the behest of King Leach.






Following Frostormon’s removal, Arthas dedicated his soul to the Leach King and became the first knight to die.


Tychandrius stated that the Leach King made the sword himself, which is unlikely because Nerzol was unable to make objects from inside his icy bed. The sword is more likely to have been made by someone in the Legion, and Kiel Jayden had taken the Leach King captive for an unknown purpose. If this was a template then it is very strange that Kiel Jayden would give Nerzol the ability to escape from this prison. The origins of Frostmoren still remain a mystery, although sources indicate that the sword was made by the Legion, not the Descendant:

Frostmoren is a terrifying and powerful object, created by demons to hold the powers of the Leach King. Nerzol threw the sword out of the ice and planned to reach Arthas. Seeking a way to quell his wrath, the arrogant Prince Arthas took up the cursed sword and plotted his fate as Nerzol had plotted.

Also part of the story of the official Leach King Wrath site states that Frostmorn was abducted by the Leach King:

The ghost of Nerzol was magically imprisoned to wear the costume of an ancient armor tied to the powerful cursed sword of Frostmoren. To ensure the obedience of Nerzol, Kiel Jiden specially sealed the armor and sword inside the ice block, which had been collected from remote areas of the lower spiral.


Frostmorn has the ability to take the lives of its victims and the souls of anyone associated with it. The Leach King has the ability to see through the eyes and hear through the corners of anyone carrying the Frostmorn. This power means that it cannot be stopped by any mortal being. Leach King can establish telepathic communication with its administrator at any location and at any distance. Leach King uses this ability to decompose the carrier over time. It has different effects. The person who owns Frostmorn does not want to part with it.

Over time, a person changes from a good person to a normal person and then to a terrible person. There is no immortality that does not become immortal after using it. Eventually the sword is able to suck the spirit of the living being into the sword. Frostmorn then preserves the victims’ memories and powers. In practice, the main carrier body remains within a mile of Frasmorn. The sword continues to control the body, and the holder may not realize that his sense of consciousness is being transferred to the sword. Beyond a mile of the sword, the bearer is unable to control the body, and the bearer eventually becomes fully aware of his current state.

The Leach King can control both the anesthetized body that is in contact with him and Frostmorn at the same time. The soul inside Frostmoren is destroyed unless he agrees to merge with the Leach King, and if he does not, he perishes forever. If the soul merges with the Leach King, he will be able to use all the powers and memories of the victims. He did this only once with Prince Arthas Mantil.


Battle Art 3
In Battle Art: Land of Chaos, Frostormon increased Artas’ damage base by 22 points, allowing him to deal chaos damage, which has a full effect on all types of armor.

Role play

In the martial art of the game, playing the role of the guide of the monsters, Frostmoren is a unique and immortal object. It is an ancient object with the following powers:
increase the chance of impact, increase damage, increase the chance of dangerous impact, increase single speed, the power to bring together inanimate beings so that they come to life completely. And …

The Frostmoren Glory was unveiled at Blizzard 2007.

The developers said they were still working on the details. And its effects add “multiple powers it will have” (indicated they have a potential problem with the new Leach King image)

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