Roles are generally divided into Role = Dps, Tank, Healer:

  • Tanking

A Tank can be enough for this Boss, but provided that the Tank has great items that can be called Full PvE 6k + GS.

But in this post, I will explain with the assumption of 2 Tank

Tanks must be side by side to get less damage from Bone Slice .

The main key for this Boss for Tanks is the exact timing between the Bone Storm , Bone Spike Graveyard and phases

Bone Storm It’s only 10 seconds from the end of Bone Spike Graveyard , during which time the Tanks must return to their place, which can be eaten together to get less damage from Bone Slice .

Tanks should not place themselves between a wall and Marrowgar, because when Bone Storm hits, the fire does not go out of the wall, and even if they are not in the fire, they are damaged.
That was the head of the thin tactics.

  • DPS
    Marrowgar has a lot of impact capability and this makes it easier for MDPS (MDPS = Melee DPS)


Bone Spike Graveyard : All RDPS and MDPS that are close to Spike must attack the Spike very quickly, and the player on it is said to save the body in Retail, which can be done with the Hand of Reckoning paladins and other such capabilities. Destroyed Spike.

Coldflame : Produces a line of fire that starts a few steps away and lasts up to 8 yards. Do not run or stand just below the Marrowgar, but it is not a problem for RDPS because they can stand more than 8 yards away.

But Coldflame normally only builds a small line of fire when it Bone Storm Storm, but if it is in Bone Storm , the Coldflame spell is created from 4 directions of the line of fire, and MPDSs can not be the bottom of the Boss because it starts from there.

Bone Storm Every 30 seconds Bone Storm hits Marrowgar . In any case, all players from this spell get Damage. And attacks them every 6 seconds. Tanks must be close to eat Bone Slice from Marrowgar after the fourth attack Bone Storm



of Bone Spike Graveyard the Healers in this Boss is to listen to alarm Bone Storm Heal themselves to heal Raid’s head again.