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Complete list of game master commands


Complete list of game master commands used in Word F Warcraft game servers

Game master commands or so-called game master commands are among the advantages that game master in wow game can use these commands to the extent of its rank to fix bugs or problems, help the player, speed of action in the game, understand the information you need and Servers and players and countless other items

We provide you with complete game master commands for world of warcraft servers, which is about 410 commands. Note that all commands in the game work with the command (.) And your account must have the necessary rank to access these commands .

  • Create an account
    account create account pass.
    account create


  • Delete account
    account delete acc.
    account delete


  • Lock your account
    account lock on/off.
    account lock


  • See online accounts
    account onlinelist.
    account onlinelist


  • Change password
    account password oldpass newpass newpass.
    account password


  • Giving the GM rank to the account
    account set gmlevel account rank realmid.
    account set gmlevel


  • Enter 1 password for the account
    acc set pass acc pass pass.
    account set password


  • Make comments related to the account
    account set.
    account set


  • Make comments related to the account


  • Give items
    additem codeitem.


  • Giving a set of 5 items
    additemset cod set.


  • Giving a message throughout the game to the name of the server
    ann message.


  • Drop 1 buff on your head or another
    aura spell.


  • Ban 1 account
    ban accaccname time reason.
    ban account


  • Banning characters
    ban charname time reason.
    ban character


  • Ban iP
    ban ipip time reason.
    ban ip


  • Comments related to ban


  • Understanding the reason and time and being ban or not being a 1 account
    baninfo acc accname.
    baninfo account


  • Understand the reason and time and whether 1 character is ban or non-ban
    baninfo char name.
    baninfo character


  • Understand the reason and time and ban or non-ban 1 ip
    [baninfo ip [ip.
    baninfo ip


  • Understanding the reason and time and being ban or non-ban


  • See the bank


  • See the list of ban accounts
    banlist acc.
    banlist account


  • See the list of ban characters
    banlist char.
    banlist character


  • See the list of ban ips
    banlist ip.
    banlist ip


  • See ban list


  • See the character or NPC from the direct angle of the camera and see its movements


  • Return the cast of a spell
    cast back spell.
    cast back


  • Remove the cast of a spell
    cast dist spell.
    cast dist


  • Use a spell cast
    cast self spell.
    cast self


  • Use 1 spell on something multiple times without a cast
    cast target spell.
    cast target


  • Cast comments


  • Custom changes to characters such as race / name change
    cha cus name or target.
    character customize


  • Delete a character altogether
    cha erase name or target.
    character erase


  • Give level to 1 character
    cha level name or targetlvl.
    character level


  • Rename 1 character
    cha ren name or target.
    character rename


  • Give a list of descriptions of the characters
    cha rep name or target.
    character reputation


  • Stop combat and exit combat mode
    combatstop name or target.


  • Bring yourself an NPC
    cometome target npc.


  • See list of comments


  • Remove the cooldown Spells that are in the cooldown


  • Damage to the target or NPC as much as you give the number
    damage meghdar.


  • Arena starts in general, even with a small number of participants
    debug arena.
    debug arena


  • Start Battlefield with a small number
    debug bg.
    debug bg


  • Change mods 32
    debug mod32value.
    debug Mod32Value


  • Play the cinematographer by giving the code
    debug play cin id.
    debug play cinematic


  • Play videos by giving code
    debug play movie id.
    debug play movie


  • Play music by giving code
    debug play sound id.
    debug play sound


  • See debug comments


  • Return the original shape to the NPC or the disfigured character


  • Kill an NPC or character


  • Get off the mount you are riding


  • how their position and location and scale
    event act.
    event activelist


  • Start 1 event by giving the code
    [event start[id.
    event start


  • Stop an event by giving the code
    [event stop[id.
    event stop


  • See the profile of 1 event by giving the code
    [event [id.


  • Get acquainted with 1 area by giving the code
    [explor [id.


  • Giving arenas when not paid automatically


  • Sleeping a character


  • Enable or disable talk mode for Game Master
    gm chat on/off.
    gm chat


  • Enable or disable flight mode for Game Master
    gm fly on/off.
    gm fly


  • Show online game masters in the game
    gm in game.
    gm ingame


  • Show list of game masters and their rank
    gm list.
    gm list


  • Activate or deactivate the invisible and visible mode of Game Master
    gm vis on/off.
    gm visible


  • Turn game mode on or off
    gm on/off.


  • Giving a message throughout the game and the name of the game master at the beginning of the message
    gmann message.


  • Giving a message that only game masters can see
    gmname message.


  • Giving a message in the middle of the page to other game masters
    gmnot message.


  • Go to the desired NPC
    [go cre [id.
    go creature


  • Go to a place on the map where the camp is
    [go graveyard [id.
    go graveyard


  • Go to a specific scale on the map
    [go grid[id][id][id.
    go grid


  • Go to where the game object is with this code
    [go object[id.
    go object


  • Go to places where there is a taxi to fly to other places
    [go tax [id.
    go taxinode


  • Go to the place where the person gave you the ticket
    [go tic [id.
    go ticket


  • Go to the scale of a specific place on the map
    [go trig [id.
    go trigger


  • Go somewhere on the map accurately by scaling
    [go [x][y][z.
    go xyz


  • See comments on Go


  • Activate an object game
    [gobj act [guid id.
    gobject activate


  • Add an object game
    [gobj add [id.
    gobject add


  • Delete an object game
    [gobj dele [id.
    gobject delete


  • Move an object game to a specific scale
    gobj move id map x y z.
    gobject move


  • Understand the game code of an object near you
    gobj near.
    gobject near


  • Add the code of 1 game object in the database if it is not there
    [gobj add temp [id.
    gobject add temp


  • Understand the game code of the object that is your target
    gobj tar.
    gobject target


  • Phase change of an object game
    [gobj set pha [id.
    gobject set phase


  • Reload a game object
    [gobj turn [guid id.
    gobject turn


  • See comments related to Game Object
    game obj.


  • Bring someone to yourself
    [sum [name.


  • See where you are, such as latitude and longitude


  • Bring a group of people to yourself
    [group sum [names.


  • See the specifications of an object game


  • Build a guild
    “guild create “guildname” “learder.
    guild create


  • Delete Guild
    “guild dele “guild name.
    guild delete


  • Join the Guild
    “guild inv “guild name” “name.
    guild invite


  • Rank someone in the guild
    “guild rank “guild name” “rank.
    guild rank


  • Remove someone from Guild
    “guild uninv “name.
    guild uninvite


  • See commants related to Guild


  • An explanation of the game commands


  • Giving honor
    honor add meghdar.
    honor add


  • Give honor to kill
    honor add kill.
    honor add kill


  • Update the amount of honor that the person has
    honor update.
    honor update


  • View honor related comments


  • Stand in the air at a distance of 1 meter from the ground
  • See the ins list you participated in. Ins list.
    instance listbinds


  • Save you and another instance
    i savedata.
    instance savedata


  • Show the status of your ins if
    i stats are saved.
    instance stats


  • Clear save ins that you are
    iu all.
    instance unbind


  • View Instant Comment


  • Move items from one person to another
    [item move [id] [id.


  • [ Kick


  • Learn all my talents every 3 pages
    learn all my tal.
    learn all my talents


  • Learn
    all my spell.
    learn all my spells


  • Learn
    all my pett learn all my pett.
    learn all my pettalents


  • Learn
    all my class learn all my class.
    learn all my class


  • Learn spells for gammasters
    learn all gm.
    learn all gm


  • Learn all languages ​​in the game
    learn all lang.
    learn all lang


  • Learn all the necessary things like missions that spell
    learn all de.
    learn all default


  • See Lern ​​comments about


  • Resize small player and NPC
    mod scal 1-10.
    modify scale


  • Learn all crafts for game master
    learn all crafts.
    learn all crafts


  • Increase or decrease the level of a player
    levelup 1-255.


  • Linking the conflict between the hord alliance in the given
    direction link gra gra hord / alliance.


  • Description of the weaves on you
    list auras.
    list auras


  • See the list of creators by giving the special code
    [list cre [id] [id.
    list creature


  • Show who has this
    item [list item [name item.
    list item


  • Show where this game object is on the map
    [list obj [id.
    list object


  • Show list comments


  • Show people who are asleep


  • Reload the path of an after c
    [wp reload [id.
    wp reload


  • Reload group spells from the
    reload spell_gro database.
    reload spell_group


  • Show aria code according to the given name
    [lo area [name.
    lookup area


  • Show the creator code according to the given name
    [lo creatu [name.
    lookup creature


  • Show event code according to the given name
    [lo event [name.
    lookup event


  • Show the fraction code according to the given name
    [lo fact [name.
    lookup faction


  • Show item code according to the given name
    [lo item [name.
    lookup item


  • Show item code according to the given name
    [lo itemset [name.
    lookup itemset


  • Show the map code according to the given name
    [lo map [name.
    lookup map


  • Show the object code according to the given name
    [lo object [name.
    lookup object


  • Show account name and details by giving it name
    [lo player acc [acc.
    lookup player account


  • Show accounts by giving the desired email
    [lo player email [email.
    lookup player email


  • Show account names by giving the desired
    IP [lo player ip [ip.
    lookup player ip


  • Show the mission code according to the given name
    [lo quest [name.
    lookup quest


  • Show the professional code according to the given name
    [lo skill [name.
    lookup skill


  • Show codespell according to the given name
    [lo spell [name.
    lookup spell


  • See the code of places that are taxis
    [lo tax [name.
    lookup taxinode


  • See the code of the place you named
    [lo tele [name.
    lookup tele


  • See comments on lo app


  • Full filling of all player skills


  • Give an arena amount to mod arena meghdar player .
    modify arena


  • Increase or decrease the player’s movement speed as
    mod aspeed 1-50.
    modify aspeed


  • Change the bit size in the fields
    [mod pit [id] [id.
    modify bit


  • Reversing speed reversing
    modify bwalk 1-50.
    modify bwalk


  • That your character gets drunk and the amount of drunkenness is determined by the number
    mod dru 1-100.
    modify drunk


  • Change in energy level for heroes who have energy
    mod ener meghdar.
    modify energy


  • Change the mode of being a friend to an enemy NPC or player
    mod fac id.
    modify faction


  • Giving speed for
    mod fly 1-50.
    modify fly


  • Convert woman to man or man to woman
    [mod gen [id.
    modify gender


  • Give
    honor mod honor meghdar.
    modify honor


  • Change the amount of HP player or NPC
    mod hp meghdar.
    modify hp


  • Change in the amount of mana player or NPC
    mod mana meghdar.
    modify mana


  • Give gold to
    mod money meghdar player.
    modify money


  • Change the appearance of a player or NPC
    [mod morph [id.
    modify morph


  • To ride on Mount without having Mount just by giving ID
    [mod mount] id.
    modify mount


  • Change in phase one thing phase 1 phase 2
    [mod phas [id.
    modify phase


  • Modify a player’s ridge
    [mod rage [id.
    modify rage


  • Rip an area to the player
    [mod rep [id.
    modify rep


  • Change the amount of magic you have
    [modify runicpower [id.
    modify runicpower


  • Increase the player speed or decrease it
    mod speed 1-50.
    modify speed


  • Use the spell you named
    [mod spell [name spell.
    modify spell


  • Give the player a state like dancing
    [modify standstate [id.
    modify standstate


  • Change in
    mod swim speed 1-50.
    modify swim


  • Change the titles of a character
    [cha title [name.
    character titles


  • Change in
    mod tp [mod tp [id.
    modify tp


  • See comments related to
    mod. modify


  • Show the code of the teleporters of an area with movegens


  • To silence someone
    mute name time reason.


  • Giving a message throughout the game by mentioning the name of the game master


  • Go to the person you name
    [ap [name.


  • Show Horde and Alliance area information
    [neargrave [id.


  • Give a message to the whole game in the middle of the page
    notify text.


  • Phase setting for an NPC
    [npc set pha [id.
    npc set phase


  • Insert a code to move the
    npc [npc set mov [id.
    npc set movetype


  • Change in NPC appearance
    [npc set mod [id.
    npc set model


  • Change the link of an NPC
    [npc set link [id.
    npc set link


  • I figured out the latitude scale of a region to move


  • Talking instead of npc conversation near
    npc say.
    npc say


  • Move an
    NPC move.
    npc move


  • Making NPC mode like dancing
    it [npc playmote [id.
    npc playemote


  • Stop NPC from chasing you
    npc follow stop.
    npc follow stop


  • Understand the specifications of an
    npc info. npc info


  • That an NPC follows you
    npc follow.
    npc follow


  • Set a flag of an
    NPC [npc set flag [id.
    npc set flag


  • Friend or foe neutralize an
    npc set fac id id.
    npc set factionid


  • Increase or decrease the level of an
    NPC set level 1-255.
    npc set level


  • Remove an
    npc dele.
    npc delete


  • Remove an item from within an
    npc dele item linkitem.
    npc delete item


  • Change direction and shake an
    npc npc set allowmove id.
    npc set allowmove


  • Insert an inter code for
    npc [npc set ent [id.
    npc set entry


  • Add move to an NPC
    [npc add move [id.
    npc add move


  • Add item to an NPC shop
    [npc add item [id.
    npc add item


  • Add format to an
    npc add formati.
    npc add formation


  • View comments about


  • Create
    npc [npc add [id.
    npc add


  • Copy a character to another account
    pd load accname newname id.
    pdump load


  • Copy a
    pd w name id character.
    pdump write


  • See comments related to PayDump


  • Create
    pet [id cre].
    pet create


  • Learn pet spells and get it
    [pet learn [id.
    pet learn


  • Reload part of the
    reload spell_proc database.
    reload spell_proc


  • Removing and destroying pets
    [pet unlearn [id.
    pet unlearn


  • View comments about


  • Understand the full profile of
    pinfo characters.


  • Activate all the ideas you see
    [playall [id.


  • To control an NPC or
    possess player.


  • Give a mission to someone or yourself
    q add id or link.
    quest add


  • Complete a mission
    q com id or link.
    quest complete


  • Delete a mission
    q rem id or link.
    quest remove


  • See comments related to the
    quest mission.


  • Recall the player from where we brought it


  • Reload all quest .
    reload all quest


  • Database
    reload all npc.
    reload all npc


  • Database
    reload all loot.
    reload all loot


  • Database
    reload all item.
    reload all item


  • Database
    reload all locales.
    reload all locales


  • Database
    reload all gossips.
    reload all gossips


  • Database
    reload all.
    reload all


  • Reload database base
    reload areatrigger_inv.
    reload areatrigger_involvedrelation


  • Reload database base
    reload areatrigger_tavern.
    reload areatrigger_tavern


  • Database
    reload areatrigger_teleport.
    reload areatrigger_teleport


  • Database
    reload autobroadcast.
    reload autobroadcast


  • Database
    reload command.
    reload command


  • Database
    reload config.
    reload config


  • Database
    reload creator_inv.
    reload creature_involvedrelation


  • Database
    reload creator_linked_res.
    reload creature_linked_respawn


  • Database
    reload creator_loot_temp.
    reload creature_loot_template


  • Database
    reload creature_questrelation.
    reload creature_questrelation


  • Database
    reload disenchant_loot_te.
    reload disenchant_loot_template


  • Database
    reload event_scripts.
    reload event_scripts


  • Database
    reload fishing_loot_template.
    reload fishing_loot_template


  • Database
    reload game_graveyard_zone.
    reload game_graveyard_zone


  • Reload database
    reload game_tele.
    reload game_tele


  • Reload the database
    reload gameobject_inv.
    reload gameobject_involvedrelation


  • Reload the database
    reload gameobject_loot_tem.
    reload gameobject_loot_template


  • Reload the database
    reload gameobject_ques.
    reload gameobject_questrelation


  • Reload the database
    reload gameobject_scripts.
    reload gameobject_scripts


  • Reload database base
    reload gm_tickets.
    reload gm_tickets


  • Database
    reload item_ench_te.
    reload item_enchantment_template


  • Database
    reload item_loot_template.
    reload item_loot_template


  • Database
    reload locating_creature.
    reload locales_creature


  • Reload database base
    reload locales_gameobject.
    reload locales_gameobject


  • Database
    reload locales_item.
    reload locales_item


  • Database
    reload locating_npc_text.
    reload locales_npc_text


  • Database
    reload locales_page_text.
    reload locales_page_text


  • Database
    reload locales_points_of_in.
    reload locales_points_of_interest


  • Database
    reload locales_quest.
    reload locales_quest


  • Database
    reload milling_loot_template.
    reload milling_loot_template


  • Reload database base
    reload npc_trainer.
    reload npc_trainer


  • Reload database base
    reload npc_vendor.
    reload npc_vendor


  • Database
    reload reload page_text.
    reload page_text


  • Reload database
    realod pickpocketing_loot_te.
    reload pickpocketing_loot_template


  • Database
    reload points_of_interest.
    reload points_of_interest


  • Database
    reload prospecting_loot_te.
    reload prospecting_loot_template


  • Database
    reload quest_end_scripts.
    reload quest_end_scripts
    reload quest_end_scripts


  • reload mail_loot_template.
    reload mail_loot_template reload mail


  • reload quest_start_scripts.
    reload quest_start_scripts


  • Database
    reload quest_template.
    reload quest_template


  • Database
    reload reference reload reference_loot_temp.
    reload reference_loot_template


  • Reload database based
    reload reserved_name.
    reload reserved_name


  • Reload database base
    reload skill_discovery_tem.
    reload skill_discovery_template


  • Reload database base
    reload skill_extra_item_tem.
    reload skill_extra_item_template


  • Reload database base
    reload skill_fishing_base_level.
    reload skill_fishing_base_level


  • Database
    reload skinning_loot_template.
    reload skinning_loot_template


  • Database
    reload spell_area.
    reload spell_area


  • Database
    reload spell_bonus_data.
    reload spell_bonus_data


  • Database
    reload disables.
    reload disables


  • Database
    reload spell_group_stack_rules.
    reload spell_group_stack_rules


  • Database
    reload spell_learn_spell.
    reload spell_learn_spell


  • Database
    reload spell_linked_spell.
    reload spell_linked_spell


  • Database
    reload spell_loot_template.
    reload spell_loot_template


  • Database
    reload spell_pet_auras.
    reload spell_pet_auras


  • Database
    reload spell_proc_event.
    reload spell_proc_event


  • Database
    reload spell_required.
    reload spell_required


  • Database
    reload item_set_names.
    reload item_set_names


  • Database
    reload spell_scripts.
    reload spell_scripts


  • Database
    reload spell_target_position.
    reload spell_target_position


  • Database
    reload spell_threats.
    reload spell_threats


  • Database
    reload trinity_string.
    reload trinity_string


  • Database
    reload waypoint_scripts.
    reload waypoint_scripts


  • Database


  • Redit items


  • Reset
    reset achievements


  • Reset everything player
    reset all.
    reset all


  • Reset honor player
    reset honor.
    reset honor


  • Reset
    level player pipes.
    reset level


  • Reset
    reset spells


  • Reset stat player
    reset stats.
    reset stats


  • Reset
    reset talents


  • See comments related to


  • Revive NPC


  • Revive player revive


  • Save the player


  • Save all players in the
    saveall game.


  • Send item to someone
    [send items [item] [char name.
    send items


  • Send email to someone in the game
    [send mail [name] [text.
    send mail


  • Send a message to someone in the middle of the page
    “send mes” name “mess.
    send message


  • Send money to someone
    “send money” name “meghdar.
    send money


  • Make changes to the server
    server corpses.
    server corpses


  • Shut down server exit immediately .
    server exit


  • Cancel instant server reset
    server idlerestart cancel.
    server idlerestart cancel


  • Quick reset and
    idlerestart server.
    server idlerestart


  • Cancel server idleshutdown
    cancel server.
    server idleshutdown cancel


  • Quick shutdown of
    idleshutdown server.
    server idleshutdown


  • See
    server info server info.
    server info


  • See the first message of
    server motd.
    server motd


  • Show
    server plimit server capacity.
    plimit server


  • Server restart cancel server reset .
    server restart cancel


  • Server reset
    server restart


  • Server
    server set closed.
    server set closed


  • Set log
    logs server set loglevel.
    server set loglevel


  • Change the server messaging system on the first login of
    server set motd.
    server set motd


  • Server
    shutdown cancel.
    server shutdown cancel


  • Server
    shutdown time.
    server shutdown


  • See server commands


  • Raising the job level
    setskill [id] number / number.


  • Show player name


  • Change in taxis


  • Add a teleport
    [tele add [name.
    tele add


  • Delete a teleport
    [tele dele [name.
    tele del


  • Transfer and teleport a group
    [tele group [name map.
    tele group


  • Be teleported to somewhere
    tele name.
    tele name


  • See commands related to teleport


  • Assign a ticket to another
    Gamemaster [tic ass [id] [name gm.
    ticket assign


  • Close a ticket
    [ticket close [id.
    ticket close


  • Close all open tickets in the
    ticket closedlist.
    ticket closedlist


  • Order on the
    ticket comment ticket.
    ticket comment


  • Delete a ticket
    [tic dele [id.
    ticket delete


  • See
    ticket list ticket list.
    ticket list


  • See the list of online
    tickets ticket online.
    ticket online


  • Prevent the transfer of a ticket to another game master
    ticket unassign.
    ticket unassign


  • See ticket
    [ticket viewid [id.
    ticket viewid


  • See ticket by mentioning the name
    [ticket viewname [name.
    ticket viewname


  • See comments on
    ticket tickets.


  • Remove one or all of the weavers from the
    unaura hero.


  • Remove account from
    [unban account [acc.
    unban account


  • Remove the character from the
    [unban character] name.
    unban character


  • Remove the IP from the
    [unban ip] ip.
    unban ip


  • See comments to get out of bin


  • Exit
    unbin player tracking mode.


  • Get out of sleep


  • Clear spell player
    [unlearn [spell.


  • Exit the player from Mute
    [unmute [name.


  • Exit
    unpossess player control mode.


  • Waterwalk
    on / off.


  • Change the amount of spells in the character
    [wchange [id] [id.


  • Settings for receiving messages from
    whispers on / off player.


  • Add an Event
    [wp event [id.
    wp event


  • Load added patches
    [wp load [id.
    wp load


  • Show patch by giving the mentioned idea
    [wp show [id.
    wp show


  • Prevent the patch from loading
    [wp unload [id.
    wp unload


  • Addon settings account
    [account addon [id.
    account addon


  • Remove titles from player
    [titles remove [name.
    titles remove


  • Give the player a title with the description
    [titles current [id] [name.
    titles current


  • Give the player a
    title [titles add [id.
    titles add


  • Change title
    [titles set mask [id.
    titles set mask


  • See list of titles and description of title
    [lookup title [name.
    lookup title


  • Understand the specifications of the game
    object gobject info.
    gobject info


  • Reload database based
    reload creature_template.
    reload creature_template


  • Deleting deleted characters from the database
    [character del del [name.
    character deleted delete


  • Reload the database
    reload creature_onkill_reput.
    reload creature_onkill_reputation


  • Database
    reload conditions.
    reload conditions


  • Database
    download reload locales_item_set_name.
    reload locales_item_set_name


  • To delete the list of characters
    character deleted list.
    character deleted list


  • Old
    characters character deleted old.
    character deleted old


  • Character
    deleted restore.
    character deleted restore


  • Database
    reload gossip_menu.
    reload gossip_menu


  • Database
    reload gossip_menu_option.
    reload gossip_menu_option


  • Change in cast spell
    [cast dest [id.
    cast dest


  • Reload database
    reload all scripts.
    reload all scripts


  • Reload database
    reload locales_gossip_menu_op.
    reload locales_gossip_menu_option


  • Database
    reload quest_poi.
    reload quest_poi


  • Reload database
    reload lfg_dungeon_rewards.
    reload lfg_dungeon_rewards


  • Race change
    [character changefaction [name.
    character changefaction


  • Change class
    [character changerace [name.
    character changerace


  • Ban
    ply acc [ban ply acc [acc] [timr] [reason.
    ban playeraccount


  • Give achievement
    [ach add [name achievement.
    achievement add


  • View achievement comments


  • Database
    reload creator_text.
    reload creature_text


  • Increase job rate
    learn all recipes.
    learn all recipes


  • Add a template to NPC
    [npc add temp [id.
    npc add temp


  • Text instead of NPC and change it
    [npc textemote [id.
    npc textemote


  • Tex instead of
    npc whisper.
    npc whisper


  • Tex instead of
    npc yell.
    npc yell


  • Reload database
    reload all spell.
    reload all spell


  • Change in
    server togglequerylog.
    server togglequerylog


  • Reload database
    reload access_requirement.
    reload access_requirement


  • Database
    reload achievement_criteria_data.
    reload achievement_criteria_data


  • Database
    reload achievement_reward.
    reload achievement_reward


  • Database
    reload all achievement.
    reload all achievement


  • Reload database
    reload all area.
    reload all area


  • Reload database
    reload all eventai.
    reload all events


  • Database
    reload auctions.
    reload auctions


  • Database
    reload mail_level_reward.
    reload mail_level_reward


  • Database
    reload smart_scripts.
    reload smart_scripts


  • Database
    reload vehicle_accessory.
    reload vehicle_accessory


  • Reload vehicle reload vehicle_template_accessory
    reload vehicle_template_accessory


  • Developer dev on / off mode settings .


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