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Ignis the Furnace Master boss tactic in normal 10 mode


Ignis the Furnace Master boss tactic in normal 10 mode

This boss requires two tanks, one of which is facing the boss opposite the rider and should not be held in front of the rider boss in any way, because every few seconds it plays a splash called Flame Jets , which causes a geyser eruption. It gets underfoot.

This geyser does 364 Fire damage, throws targets in the air, in addition, 121 Fire damage damage for 6 seconds.

Note: The boss plays a spell called Scorch, in which the first tank should not face the boss in any way, and after hitting the Scorch cast, the first tank moves from the fire under the boss to the players under the boss. Are not harmed by Scorch.

Note: The job of the off tank is that at the same time, a series of add-ons are set up, which must tan these add-ons and take them to the place where the fire is and keep them. And they catch fire, and at this time the off tank has to move the adders to the water, next to the spring where they caught the boss , where the adders dry in the water, and immediately after this, one of the dps has to damage these adders.

  1. Activate Construct : The boss hits this spell to the iron-shaped npcs in the fight and activates them, then rides these npcs or the same add-ons, which the off tank must tant these add-ons.
  2. Flame Jets
  3. Scorch

Tip: To start, some players keep the middle and the boss close to the spring or pool in the fight, so that it is easier to catch and take the boss in the water so that the bats are low and they can give dps to the boss , which is a good tactic for this boss.

Tip: You must Flame Jets boss cast, of course with Aura Mastery paladin class, because if you do not succeed in doing this, for 7 seconds all the classes that have casters in the cast will go to the cast and at this time they will not be able to Use their spells and tubes.

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