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Kologarn boss tactics in 10-man mode


Kologarn boss tactics in 10-man mode

This boss does not need two tanks and one tank can hold the boss and two healers, this boss includes a number of right hand (Left Arm ) and a number of left hand ( Left Arm ) and a body called I say chest

The main tank goes and tans the chest boss , which at this time has two free boss hands and has nothing to do with the ride, but every once in a while it hits a shockwave and the healers and rdps should not be close to the chest boss to be in cooldown mode. they take.

Every few seconds, the tank that holds the boss gives the boss a negative armor stack called the One-Armed Overhead Smash , which the healers must be aware that the tank will not die at this time.

After every few seconds, once in his right hand, he grabs one of the players ( Stone Grip ) and the whole ride should turn towards that hand and hit it to release the player, and if they do not touch the dps to some extent, the hand It does not drop the player and the player dies, in which case one of the players is reduced

There is another spell, which is a laser called Focused Eyebeam , which shoots from two eyes to one of the players in the rider, where the player must move away from the rider and rotate the laser until this spell ends and he can come in. Ride now dps again with Heler or whatever it used to do.

Ride must release these hands at a specific time and time that each time these hands are hit, the boss hp itself is reduced by 20%.

Note: You should not close both hands at the start, in which case the fight will be harder for you, as the boss will start to die, which has a heavy damage.



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