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What do Pve and Pvp mean in Warcraft?


In World of Warcraft, the game is divided into two main branches: Pvp and Pve:

1- Pvp: means Player versus Player In this branch of the game , the player is completely fighting with other players in the opposite race, and this is divided into 4 categories.

1- BattleGround : commonly known by the acronym BG, players who announce their readiness are randomly placed in 3 groups of 10, 15 or 20 people in a place that can be avoided.
2- Arena: In this model, players can compete against each other by forming groups of 2, 3 or 5 people, and if they win or lose, they will receive or lose points.
3- Duel: In this model, players can fight with each other 1: 1 in most parts of the game.
4- Horde and Alliance players are always enemies with each other and can kill each other in all parts of the game.

Players who play Pvp receive Honor and Arena Point prizes and can use it to buy items that are specific to Pvp from in-game shops.


Click Hotkey H to enter BG . Click the Battlegrounds
tab at the bottom of the page .
1- List of BattleGrounds that you can choose from.
2- The reward that will be awarded to you if you win.
3. Click the Join Battle option and wait to become JOin.

* For Duel , go to the duelZone of the server you are in by writing, and in this section, by right-clicking on the players and tapping the Duel option, you can use them.

1- Your Arena Point
2- Lifetime is the number of players you have ever killed
3- Your Honor Point
(1) – (2) – (3) You need 2V2, 3v3 and 5v5 deacons respectively
to enter the Arena Go down Dalaran or go to the main cities and talk to Arena Master
. Build a team, then find a Player and invite him to your team.
Use Arena Master to announce your readiness and wait for another team on par with Your score will declare readiness.

2- Pve: means Player Versus Environment , which in this branch of the Player player generally deals with in-game creatures that are controlled by artificial intelligence, this branch is also divided into 2 categories:
1- Dungeon: In this part, Player They enter the game in groups of 5 and must defeat creatures to receive several Items for rewards .
2- Raid: This part, which is also known as the most important and popular part, is in 2 forms for 10 people and 25 people, and it requires the cooperation of all players to defeat the creatures and receive a prize.
3- Normal – Heroic: All Raids and Dungeons are available in 2 Normal and Heroic forms, which are NormalEasy and usable for everyone, and Heroic is hard, and only high-level players have the ability to defeat AI.


1- To enter the Dungeon , click on Hotkey i 2- Select your Roll
at the top of the page , whether you want to be a Tank , Healer or Damage 3- Click on
Find Group and wait for 5 people to complete the group and you will be led into the Dungeon .




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