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Mote of Life Farming Guide


Mote of Life is a trade item that you can create Primal Life with 10 of these items, just click on it after dropping 10 to create a Primal Life.

  • Now where should we get this item? The best and fastest way to kill Starving Bog Lord is located in Zangarmarsh.



Primal Life as an ingredient:

  • Alchemy:
  1. [Cauldron of Major Nature Protection]
  2. [Major Holy Protection Potion]
  3. [Major Nature Protection Potion]
  4. [Mercurial Stone]
  5. [Transmute: Primal Life to Earth]

  • Blacksmithing:
  1. [Bracers of the Green Fortress]
  2. [Earthpeace Breastplate]
  3. [Oathkeeper’s Helm]
  4. [Shadesteel Bracers]
  5. [Shadesteel Girdle]
  6. [Shadesteel Greaves]
  7. [Shadesteel Sabots]
  8. [Wildguard Breastplate]
  9. [Wildguard Helm]
  10. [Wildguard Leggings]

  • Engineering:
  1. [Nigh-Invulnerability Belt]
  2. [Zapthrottle Mote Extractor]

  • Inscription:
  1. [Greater Darkmoon Card]

  • Jewelcrafting:
  1. [Coronet of Verdant Flame]
  2. [Khorium Band of Leaves]
  3. [Pendant of Shadow’s End]
  4. [Pendant of Withering]
  5. [The Natural Ward]

  • Leatherworking:
  1. [Belt of Natural Power]
  2. [Boots of Natural Grace]
  3. [Boots of Shackled Souls]
  4. [Bracers of Renewed Life]
  5. [Bracers of Shackled Souls]
  6. [Drums of Restoration]
  7. [Gloves of the Living Touch]
  8. [Greaves of Shackled Souls]
  9. [Hood of Primal Life]
  10. [Living Crystal Breastplate]
  11. [Living Dragonscale Helm]
  12. [Redeemed Soul Cinch]
  13. [Redeemed Soul Legguards]
  14. [Redeemed Soul Moccasins]
  15. [Redeemed Soul Wristguards]
  16. [Shadow Armor Kit]
  17. [Shoulderpads of Renewed Life]
  18. [Stylin’ Adventure Hat]
  19. [Waistguard of Shackled Souls]

  • Tailoring:
  1. [Belt of the Long Road]
  2. [Cloak of Arcane Evasion]
  3. [Golden Spellthread]
  4. [Lifeblood Belt]
  5. [Night’s End]
  6. [Primal Mooncloth]
  7. [Primal Mooncloth Belt]
  8. [Primal Mooncloth Shoulders]
  9. [Silver Spellthread]
  10. [Soulguard Bracers]
  11. [Soulguard Girdle]
  12. [Soulguard Leggings]
  13. [Soulguard Slippers]
  14. [Swiftheal Mantle]
  15. [Swiftheal Wraps]
  16. [White Remedy Cape]

  • Enchanting:
  1. [Superior Healing]
  2. [Major Healing]
  3. Enchant Weapon – Major Healing


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