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Download Addon Quartz


Download Addon Quartz

This add-on completely changes your Cast Bar , calculates the Delay Cast and…

Features within this add-on include:

  1. Quartz Core Player
    is a lightweight execution of a standard cast bar with customizable size, text and icon position and colors.
  2. Target / Focus
    Run the cast bar (target and focus) in a similar way to cast bar players.
  3. Buffs
    Display target, focus, and buffs as timelines.
  4. Flight
    Added to FlightMap or InFlight

And countless other uses…






برای دانلود ادونس Quartz ورژن 3.3.5 کلیک کنید

  حجم فایل : 328 KB

 رمز فایل :

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