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Battleground Training – Warsong Gulch

Battleground Training – Warsong Gulch

I will say a few points very briefly that may be useful

How to win this battle :

In this battle, you have to take 3 flags from the enemy camp and take them with your help

Note :

1- If a team takes the flag of the opponent and at the same time the opposing team takes the flag of the other team, neither side can put the enemy flag in its own camp, so in this situation, the dps must kill the so-called flager 2
in this battle healer They have a very important character and any team that has a better Hiller wins

3- Therefore, I suggest that there be 1 healer in this battle who picks up the flag so that he can poke himself as he gets damaged , and the dps should also cover the person who picks up the flag . Cc the opponent that they can not do and the rest of the classes that have other capabilities

4- I must say that in all battles, especially this battle, each person must move with his own group, that is, it must be a team work. In many battles, I saw that everyone does everything for himself. They hit each other and have nothing to do with the flag, which makes you leave the battle to the enemy.

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