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arena go with 2 dps!

arena go with 2 dps! With Warlock class

First of all, let me tell you that being 2 DPS in the arena requires a lot of practice and enough experience . Both you and your team, if you are new to Warlock class, I suggest you go to the arena with a healer, especially for 2000 and above, because from this rate onwards, the main competitions start and you face full heroes.

Before starting any arena, you should follow some tips

First of all, bring the right pet (it can be succubus or fel hunter)

Second, be sure to use spellStone or FireStone

* Before the start of the fight, all your features are free and no soul Shared is consumed, so you should not skimp on
the third game, be sure to make it from HealthStone.

One for yourself, one for Yarton. This is very important because about 5 to 10 k depending on the armor and talent will return you to June and only you have this feature
* If you have the first Aid, I suggest if you are in the middle of the conflict, use the HS first because it has 2 minutes, but first aid 1 minute and also Hama after using HS Make a new one Yahoo saw the fight lasted more than 2 minutes
Well the fight started and you and Yarton entered the field immediately go to the first appropriate place (above the column or behind the column) and put a portal if There was no time and the opposing team reached your desired position before you planted the portal anyway, after all, having a portal is better than not having one.

Well, I say the first case with my friend Warlock / Priest, both are happy ..
Well, your most important advantage is that you spell from the same material, that is, you spin both, and you have a wonderful spell called haunt. It increases on that opponent and after it is finished or dispelled, it gives you as much damage as it does / Your second advantage is to be silent and fear that class (of course, be careful of overlap)

The important point of playing with 2 DPS is that the main goal must be 1 person to get rid of it quickly

Well, we did the above and entered the field. If the opponent is 2 to 10 ps, ​​well, our job is relatively easy. Of course, without haunting and fast, cut it in fear and spam mode to leave the main target Yarton, and then
it ‘s
all over.
Have Paladin
‘s opponent healer Droid





First, I will say the general tactics, you will plant the portal in the ground, you will go on the opponent’s dp, and you will throw all your spells, the method, and one of your curse depending on the opponent’s method. (I will explain in detail later)
. haunt, then crop, then one of the curses,
you go with your favorite pet, you go on the quick healer, you fill the healer, UA, crop and special curse, such as increasing the cast time or slowing down the healer, and you go spam fire on the heater.

Your friend should move the main target away from the healer as much as possible to get out of the suffering of heeling. As soon as the healer comes out of the fire, it should be silenced and you open the door and press DL, and this time the fire spam drops from the door to the door. If you have not been able to do it yet, repeat the previous method.

Very important

Use Drain SOul when the target reaches 25% or lower. Do not worry at all, it may be a heal, because in any case, you inflict 10k-7k damage on the opponent every 2-3 seconds! Can it not die ?!
There is a point that if the opponent is roaring, go fast in the fight so that you do not fall

Well, the first case is the problem of shaman totems. Well, you have to quickly destroy totems like anti-fire with your pet.

If Paladin’s opponent, Priest must be careful to quickly turn the Paladin shield.

If Druid has an opponent, wait for Druid to appear in tree mode!
Banish fast
If your opponent has Warlock, Banish
his pet quickly.

If your opponent is Mage, do not use your own shield pet in any way.

Remember Warlock afflication to not kill! Half killed!

Well, after you have done the basic tasks I mentioned above, you will plant a portal immediately after the start of the fight. You will quickly go to the desired location on the opponent’s dps. Leave the opponent with the first DK level that increases the magic he eats.

Close the curator for prolonging the cast or slow (on Priest and Shaman and Droid healer to extend the cast and on the paladin slow) and buy spam fire and everything you have for about 10-15 seconds for Yarton to hit the opponent’s dps. If the dps do not fall, it is the turn of the DK pat and the dk itself. But it is not always so easy!

If healer was Paladin’s opponent, the situation is different. Now you have to fire up the spam dps and bother healer a lot so that he has to open the shield before dropping the shield. Yes, hit the dps account and be aware of Jon Yarton. When it reaches below 50%, shoot the dps, of course, always be aware of the Diminish return. Perform the above method after the Paladin shield is finished (one is hard and the players must be smart)

If the opponent was healer’s shaman! Well, the shaman can become a wolf and bother you and his totems in the lamb, so when you plant the totems, you go straight to the totems (the pet has to hit) – fortunately, the shaman does not have much instance of heal(he has one), so he is very vulnerable when Casting after the curse, which makes the cast cast longer, you throw the Toughtness method (really, it can not chat like this: Pi). Hex also got on the train quickly. In this case, only DK should put a silence on the shaman in the middle of June dps and quickly lower the dps below 25% and you will drain the soul… man !!

If healer was Droid! You fire for the next trunk, when it is in tree mode, you banish and eat dps! Be careful not to spam in the bear and anti-fire mode as you go, you will be rolling! I do not think of any specific tactics on the droid (we have not had a problem with it yet) Basically, in this server, the druids get out of the invisible state so late that the dps is below 25% and drain soul

healer Priest! Well this is a little hard! Because it has anti-fire. He has become a racist. Soon the fire and its silence will end, it is very awkward, especially if it comes with Rooj, you will consider yourself dead. First of all, you have to send the pet beans to Mana quickly when he gives the pet. Well, here you have a chance, that Persit dispels 2 to 2, and you have the chance to put the UA first so that it can not dispel (also cleans shaman and paladin).

Use the special Slow curse wherever dps is rivals or rivals

In the case where 2 dps are playing in front of you, it is only important to shoot one and salute and .. and close one soon – in this case, if the opponent is a female spell, it is better for the dk to use the anti magic Zone spell and kill the opponent in that area. Etc .

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