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Introducing the character of Arthas Mantil – Lich King in World of Warcraft

Introducing the character of Arthas Mantil – Lich King in World of Warcraft

Arthas, Prince of Lordaeron

Prince Arthas Mantil was born in Lordaeron four years before the start of the First World War. His father was King Terence II and his mother was Queen Lian. The young prince grew up at a time when the lands of Azeroth were destroyed by war, the alliance was collapsing, and dark clouds were still visible on the horizon.

As a child, Arthas developed a deep friendship with Varian Wrynn, and most of them were mischievous. Arthas clearly watched the glory of Varian Wrynn and knew that he would become a worthy and invincible king in the future. At a young age, Arthas was trained in sword fighting by Moradin. Moradin was the brother of the king of dwarves. At the same time he learned the customs of the Paladinians from Uther the Lightbringer. He also fell in love with a beautiful girl named Gina Proudmore at the same age.


Silver Hand Knights

At the age of 19, Arthas joined the Silver Knights. The ceremony was held at the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind. The event was attended by celebrities such as Thoras Trollbane, Daelin Proudmoore, Genn Greymane and Jaina Proudmoore. Arthas saw Jaina Proudmoore again after a long time. Archbishop Alonsus Faol led the ceremony. The main members of this circle were Uther, Tirion Fordring, Saidan Dathrohan and Gavinrad the Dire. The holy warhammer’s sacred weapon was presented to Arthas by Gavinrad, and a silver sacred symbol was placed on his shoulders by Uther.

Arthas met with King Varian Wrynn after the ceremony. Varian Wrynn had just been crowned. Arthas met Varian Wrynn’s son Anduin Wrynn. Anduin Wrynn was just an infant at the time.



After Warcraft II, since there was no enemy to fight, the alliance between elves and humans is relatively weak. At the same time, the Leach King appears. The Leach King sends one of his men, Kel Thuzad, to Lordaeron to spread the plague. This plague not only drove people to their deaths but also turned them into Undead.

Arthas and Jaina were commissioned to investigate. They were trying to find the secret behind this and defeat Kel Thuzad and save the people of their land from this calamity. Arthas is forced to kill people to prevent people from becoming Undead in the cities. This caused him to quarrel with Jaina and they parted ways. Jaina leaves him and only investigates.

Arthas was the brave and powerful son of King Terence. He was a senior student of the great Paladin Uther The Lightbringer.

Everyone in Lordaeron had high hopes for Arthas, and he was well remembered throughout the land. A brave and lion-hearted man who always sacrificed to protect the people.

The fire of vengeance and revenge engulfed him so much that he became one of the most feared and powerful men in all of Azeroth.


Arthas made a tough decision, a decision that caused him to separate from his mistress Jaina. Jaina tried to dissuade him after learning of Arthas’ decision, but resentment and revenge blinded him. With little help left, Arthas killed all his people with his own hands before becoming Undead.

He goes to the Arctic to take revenge on Mal’Ganis. There Arthas meets his old friend and master swordsman, Muradin. They unite against Mal’Ganis. After some time, a special courier was sent by the king to Arthas, who asked him to return to the capital. Arthas becomes very angry after realizing this, and in order not to deviate from his path for revenge, he secretly destroys all his ships and his companions with the help of mercenaries, so that there is no way back for anyone. He will not rest until he takes revenge on his people.

Arthas and Muradin attack Mal’Ganis together, but Mal’Ganis surrounds all of Artas’ forces. When he finds himself on the verge of defeat, he tells Muradin that the only way to defeat Mal’Ganis is to get Frostmourne’s lost sword. He did not know that getting this sword would completely change the course of his life. Revenge had rolled his eyes and he only wished for revenge.

In Search of the Frostmourne Legendary Sword

Legend has it that there is a mythical sword named Frostmourne in the Arctic. Whoever wins Frostmourne has unlimited power. Arthas’ heart was black with vengeance and revenge. He does everything to take revenge. Arthas goes after the sword with Moradin.

After much searching, they encounter powerful sword guards who are unwilling to surrender their swords to Arthas under any circumstances. Defeating these guards opens the way to get the sword, but at the same moment the last guard who was dying warns them to stay away from the sword.

Arthas mockingly replies, “Do you try to protect your sword even in your death?”

“Not! I want to protect you from him !!

Moradin reads the inscription under the icy chamber of the sword. In this article, he says that by selling the sword, he sells his soul. Moradin tells Arthas that it’s better to stay in this icy prison than a sword. This sword is cursed, but Arthas replies that he is willing to pay any price for his people! !


When the sword is released, the icy support hits Moradin’s heart, Artas wants to help Moradin, but a sound of the sword resonates in his mind and prevents him from doing so. Leaving his sacred sledgehammer called Light’s Vengeance and removing Frostmourne, Arthas leaves Moradin and returns to the base to attack Mal’Ganis!

With the Frostmourne Sword, Arthas felt immense power. He went to fight Mal’Ganis and easily destroyed him. He took his revenge but lost his soul and paid a heavy price. Mal’Ganis told him that it was as the Lord had said, and said that the voice whispering in your ear was the voice of the Lich King. Arthas was no longer that kind-hearted and gentle prince. Revenge blinded him and led him into darkness. He became the right hand of the Lich king and his first knight.

Along with all the legends about Frostmourne, there is a legend that says that it is the sword that chooses its owner and gives him a lot of powers by taking his soul. No one had managed to control Frostmourne before, but Arthas, with his strong spirit and full of light, and by sacrificing his soul, became the first main owner of the sword!





Death of King Terenas

Arthas moves to Lordaeron after a few weeks…

When he enters the city, people come to greet their beloved prince. People greet him by throwing flowers at him, but the prince’s cold look makes everyone realize that he no longer values ​​them.

Arthas goes to his father and kneels before the king with his booty Frostmourne. The king is very happy with the return of his son. He loudly congratulates her on her achievements and introduces her as a worthy successor. Regardless of his father’s words to Zamzeh, Arthas tells him that the last day of his reign has arrived and he no longer needs to bear the weight of the crown because he will establish a government that shakes the world by destroying this empire. Then Arthas gets up and, while his companions are in front of the palace guards, goes forward and plunges his sword into his father’s eyes in front of his astonished eyes!

After a few weeks, Arthas meets a man named Tichondrius in one of the Lordaeron villages called Vandermar. He is very similar to Mal’Ganis. Arthas, on the advice of Tichondrius, gathers in that village members of the cursed cult who are hiding among the people. He intends to go to the burial place of Kel’Thuzad with their help. Arthas considered Kel’Thuzad to be the misery of his people but now seeks to revive him.

When Arthas arrives at Kel’Thuzad’s burial ground, he encounters paladins. After defeating the paladins, he obtains the body of Kel’Thuzad. Kel’Thuzad’s ghost appears in front of Arthas and warns him not to trust Tichondrius and to be careful with him. Now the person who once hated and hated Arthas becomes his guide. Kel’Thuzad’s body is in poor condition. To bring Kel’Thuzad back to life, a sun well is needed in Quel’Thalas. A special container called a Mystical Urn is needed to carry the body. In it, the remains of Arthas’s father are kept and guarded by the Silverhand Knights led by Uther.

Arthas follows the dish and encounters the Paladins who were once his contemporaries. He brutally defeats them all. Eventually he reaches his master, Uther. Uther has not yet given up on Arthas, and continues to seek to change the course of his life, asking him to abandon this destructive path and return to the path of enlightenment. When Arthas tells him his purpose for coming there, Uther looks at him in surprise and tells him to at least keep the sanctity of his father’s body, but Arthas, who does not intend to return from his path, gets involved with Uther and kills him. .

Uther, who once guided Arthas through all his troubles, who loved Arthas more than his son and saw in him the hope and future of the Silverhand Knights, was now killed by the same disciple and his circle destroyed.

Arthas then replaces his father’s remains with the remains of Kel’Thuzad and moves to Quel’Thalas by picking up the dish…

In the following, you will see the story video of Warcraft 3 game, which shows the summary of the story of taking Frostmourne’s sword and the killing of King Terenas by Arthas.







Towards Quel’Thalas

Quel’Thalas is a beautiful and lush land where the Night Elves lived. They defend their land against every invader and enemy.

Arthas moves to the land of Quel’Thalas. He needs a sun well in Quel’Thalas to revive Kel’Thuzad. Arthas destroys everyone in front of him to achieve his goal.

He intends to destroy Quel’Thalas. When he reaches Quel’Thalas, he encounters resistance from the Night Elf warriors under the command of Sylvanas. Silvanas was a very beautiful, popular and powerful woman. Scourge’s army and Arthas’ strength were far greater than their resistance, and Arthas easily broke through their first defensive barrier.

The painful fate of Sylvanas Windrunner

Silvanas and his allies, who knew that if Arthas won, nothing was left of Silvermoon, tried to get help from the allied elves and asked them to help defeat Arthas. The Scourge army launches a large-scale attack on his camp before Sylvans succeeds in enlisting the help of the elves. Silvanas, who alone could not resist, was defeated by Arthas, and with his death, Silvermoon was destroyed.

At the moment of Silvanas’ death, Arthas goes over his head and Silvanas, who is completely satisfied with himself and his people, tells Artas with a sarcastic smile to finish his work, defending him as he wished in an honorable death. His land will be killed, but he regrets that a very sinister fate awaits him.

Arthas, to whom Silvanas had caused him many troubles, is not satisfied with his easy death, and by destroying the spirit of A and turning him into a bandit, he takes the authority to enslave him to the Leach King and then forces him to destroy his people and his land. Destroy with your own hands.

After the complete destruction of Silvermoon, Arthas and his army move towards Sunwell, where they encounter the elderly King Quel’Thalas. Arthas does not even pass him by, and he and all his people are slaughtered. Arriving at Arthas spring, he uses it to bring Kel’Thuzad back to life in a new form to be a loyal companion for him, a companion who is not satisfied with betraying Arthas under any circumstances and will always follow him.

Arthas travels with Kel’Thuzad to Alterac, and on the way to Kel’Thuzad to Arthas, he explains the plans of the Lich king and the beginning of the Second Invasion, which is about the return of Demon lord Archimonde. To achieve this goal, Arthas and his companion Kel’Thuzad defeat all the orcs in the area who were in control of the evil gate, and by taking control of the gate, Kel’Thuzad manages to talk to Archimonde.

Return to Archimonde

Archimonde was an extremely powerful man who, together with his allies, invaded this world ten thousand years ago and intended to destroy it. He is defeated by the Night Elves and Scenario and is expelled from this world, but now he is returning to this world with the help of Kel’Thuzad and Arthas.

Archimonde tells them to go to the wizarding land of Dalaran and find Medivh’s magic book there to summon him to this world. Artas goes there with Kel’Thuzad and encounters the great wizard Antonidas who was the master of Arthas’s old mistress, Jaina Proudmoore. Antonidas, who knew that Arthas would sooner or later attack him, had prepared himself for confrontation, but few were able to confront the legendary Arthas and Frostmourne. With the assassination of Antonidas and the capture of the spellbook of Medivh, the preparations for Archimonde’s return are made.

As Kel’Thuzad summons Archimonde, Arthas’s army is severely attacked by wizards who are willing to do anything to prevent Archimonde from entering, but Kel’Thuzad manages to summon Archimonde, but he surprisingly tells Arthas to go to Lich. King and his followers are not needed, and Tichondrius takes over the leadership of Scourge.

Kel’Thuzad tells Artas, who was left alone and his role to be neglected, not to worry about anything because it was all predicted by Lich King himself, and it’s all part of his plan. So Arthas and Kel’Thuzad leave and leave Archimonde to announce the beginning of the Second Invasion with the destruction of Dalaran.




Sylvanas Windrunner betrays Arthas

It’s been a long time since Arthas and his loyal friend are heard from until he goes to Ilidan and offers to help him defeat Tichondrius. Arthas tells Ilidan that by destroying the Skull of Gul’dan he will gain so much power that he can defeat Tichondrius. After the destruction of Tichondrius by Ilidan, Arthas, happy with his action, disappears again in the shadows.

It has been a while since Archimonde was defeated by the union of orcs and humans and elves. Arthas returns to the ruins of his house Lordaeron to seize the throne of his past and take possession of the area, but in that area he encounters three dread lords sent there by Archimonde to prevent any possible trick of the Lich King.

The three escape when they see Arthas and the defeat of Archimonde. Arthas, along with Kel’Thuzad and Silvanas, destroys all the human beings left in the land, but in the meantime Arthas suddenly feels severe pain and feels that his power has diminished a little.

The power of the Lich King was waning. Silvanas, who until that day had been ruled by Arthas, regained his power to plot against them in secret without Arthas realizing it.

Silvanas secretly arranges a meeting with the three dread lords to ally with them to take revenge on Arthas. According to the plan, they intended to suddenly ambush Arthas and try to kill him. Arthas, who still had a lot of power in him, made his way through it and fled the city. There he meets the Banks under Silvanas, Arthas, who is not yet aware of their betrayal, goes with them to meet Silvanas, but Silvanas, who is no longer Arthas’s puppet and intends to take revenge.

Going through the middle of the forest, Lich King suddenly inspires Arthas to betray him and take care of those around him, but at that moment, Sylvanus appears and temporarily paralyzes Arthas with a poisoned arrow.

Unable to shake his body, Arthas tells him to finish his job, but Sylvans reminds Arthas of a similar but opposite scene, telling him that all he wants is to torment him and not to comfort him. At that moment, Kel’Thuzad resumes and clashes with Silence. Silvanas is forced to flee, but at the same time tells Arthas that he will never stop chasing him and that he should always be afraid of Silvanas revenge.

The Rise of the Lich King

Moments later, Arthas sees a painful dream from Lich King that a destructive and strange force is destroying Icecrown, and asks Arthas to go quickly to the Arctic to stop it. Unaware of what the deadly force is, Arthas immediately leaves Kel’Thuzad to protect Lordaeron and travels north.

A few weeks later, while the Leach King and Artaxerxes’ forces were dramatically weakened, Artaxerxes reached the northern lands. When he reaches the northern lands, he encounters and clashes with a group of Blood Elves led by Kael’thas. At this time, the ancient king of Azjol-Nerub, the great Crypt lord Anub’arak, comes to the aid of Arthas and his forces and succeeds in repelling the Blood Elves. At this point, Kael’thas warns Arthas that they are not the only vanguard of his army, and that his entire army and allies determine the death of Arthas and his master.

When the danger is eliminated, Anub’arak explains to Arthas that the Icecrown throne is under complete siege by Ilidan and his allies. Anub’arak tells Arthas that it is impossible to reach them by ordinary means, and that it is better to go through the basement of the old and ruined territory of Azjol-Nerub and surprise the Iliden Corps and change the state of war in our favor. Artas, who has no other choice, accepts the offer. When Arthas wants to cross, he fights the servant Malygos, who is a powerful dragon. Arthas uses the rest of his power to defeat it and defeats him. This dragon was called Sapphiron, when Sapphiron is defeated, Arthas revives it and turns it into his servant.

When Arthas arrives at the Lich King Tower, he sees things worse than he thought, Eliden’s forces and their allies surrounded the whole area. Artas, whose power was gradually diminishing with the gap in Icecrown, finds victory impossible, but Lich King inspires him that victory in this battle is vital for them, and to do so he gives all his power to Artas to be able to defeat everyone. Fail. Artas, regaining his power, achieves his hopes and prepares to attack Ilidan with Anub’arak.

With the start of the war, at first it seems that this battle is endless because the forces on both sides are almost equal, but Arthas and the Anub’arak forces, who are familiar with the land and consider it their home, welcome the prolongation of the battle. After a long time, Arthas’s plan, as expected, changes the direction of the war towards them, and by repelling the enemy forces, Arthas succeeds in activating the three towers of Satan. But to reach the last one, he has to cross the Ilidan barrier because he personally protects it. Arthas, knowing that it was ultimately his one-on-one fight with Ilidan that marked the victory, was moving towards him. Reaching the last tower, Artas and Ildan will face each other to determine the final winner.

Arthas vs. Iliden

Arthas, who could feel the anger in Ilidan’s eyes, allowed him to make his first attack, and Ilidan attacked Artas, saying that the Scourge’s work was over today, but Artas managed to repel his attack by Frostmourne at the last moment. By repelling Arthas’s attack, he tries to tear Ilidan’s chest with a quick rotation, which is helped by Ilidan’s wings, and he is quickly removed from Arthas. This time, Artas’s turn to put pressure on Ilidan with his heavy attacks, but the speed of Ilidan’s action made it difficult for him. But with a moment of negligence, Arthas manages to snatch one of Ilidan’s weapons from his hands, and at that moment he plunges Frostmourne into Ilidan’s belly to determine the final winner of the battle.

By defeating Ilidan, Arthas goes to the top of his immobile body and tells him not to return here in your favor because you will lose to me again. He then passes Ilidan to the last tower to enter Icecrown by activating it.

Entering the Icecrown and climbing the stairs, on the one hand Arthas hears the voice of Nerzol calling to Arthas and Frostmourne, and on the other hand old memories come to him, remembering Uther, his happy moments with Jaina or even Muradin who His comrade was in these lands. Ignoring these thoughts and his past, Arthas reaches the top of the tower, to which Lich King tells him: “Return the sword. . Complete the bike. . “And release me from this prison!” Arthas then breaks the frozen throne with a Frostmourne blow, and with the release of the Lich King and putting on his hat, Nerzol says in Arthas’ words:

“Now we are one”

Lich King: Reborn

For many years, Arthas lived and meditated on his past dreams. He was still fighting with the little pure spirit that was in him. He eventually destroyed his soul a little and lived in complete darkness. Ner’zhul’s soul was very pleased with this and congratulated him, but Arthas lost interest in his soul and became the only character, the Lich King.

As the Lich king, he once again directed another Scourge army attack on Azeroth, inciting the Hordes and Allied forces. His goal was to eliminate the weak forces and he wanted to provoke the heroes from all lands and create a challenge for them. His goal was to deceive all the heroes and he wanted to capture their souls. He builds a powerful army by capturing their souls and subjugating them. He intended to send them to take possession of his native lands and exploit them.





Death of the Lich King

A group of brave men led by Tyrion Fording attacked the Icecrown and climbed the frozen bed. The Lich king trapped Tyrion in a frozen chamber. He defeated all the heroes with one blow and killed them all. When he wanted to resurrect them and make them his subjects, Tyrion broke his ice bucket and defeated Frostmourne with Ashbringer. When Frostmourne was destroyed, all the ghosts trapped inside Frostmourne were released and attacked. The spirit of King Terence revived all the heroes and they rushed to Tyrion’s aid. Artas, now vulnerable, was wounded by Tyrion.

With the destruction of Frostmourne, the soul of the kind-hearted prince Arthas was released and returned to his body when he was dying.

Arthas was in his father’s arms at the time of his death and asked him, “Is this over?”

The King of Trans replied: “At long last. No king rules forever, my son. ”

Artas said he had only seen darkness before him, with his eyes rolling back and his hand falling to the ground lifeless.

The end of the Lich King kingdom is coming.

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