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In wow, main professions are divided into 2 general categories:

1: Jobs in which the main work includes gathering (Herbalism, Mining and Skinning
) 2: Jobs whose main work is production (crafting) including: Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Engineering, Inscription, Jewelcrafting, Leatherworking and Tailoring

Between Enchanting is the only profession that is both gathering and crafting
its raw materials are obtained from disenchanting and well craft that can be enchanting on items

tailoring does not depend much on gatherings, because the raw material is cloth, which is a good cloth and world drop – and you do not need to have a special profession to collect it (as if you are tailor, more cloth will drop for you (in northrend, of course) Of course ,
in some special cases, tailoring also requires some special materials that are obtained from gatherings, but these cases make up less than 5%.

I have prepared a number of work patterns that are difficult to find, especially cooking, to see together.

  • The following photos in Kalimdor – Feralas – Camp Mojache



  • The following image is related to the region : Kalimdor – Tanaris – Gadgetzan



  • The following pictures are also related to : Kalimdor – Dustwallow Marsh – Brackenwall Village



  • The following images : Kalimdor- Winterspring – Everlook



  • Pictures below : Eastern Kingdoms- Stranglethorn Vale – Booty Bay



  • Images below : Eastern Kingdoms – Stranglethorn Vale – Grom’gol Base Camp



  • Images below : Eastern Kingdoms – Swamp of Sorrows – Stonard



  • Pictures below : Outland – Terokkar Forest – Stonebreaker Hold



Pictures below : Outland- Zangarmarsh – Swamprat Post




  • Pictures below : NorthrendThe Storm Peaks – Dun Niffelem



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