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Lich King in Blizzard!

Lich King in Blizzard!

The soul of Nerzol was sent to Narthrand in the form of a mysterious crystal, this piece of ice increased his consciousness tens of thousands of times until he
was captured by the power of Kyle Jiden. Ork was no longer the Nerzol that was destroyed, the Lich King , a creature created with very deep powers

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The Lich King story

King Lich was a creature created by the seductive Kiel Jayden from the spirit of Ark Nerzol’s shaman. Initially in captivity, King Lich eventually merged with a man named Arthas Mantil. He is responsible for the creation of angry creatures and leads the anger from the top of his iceberg to the top of his bed by means of a telepathic connection. King Lich is the world’s main enemy in the art of battle in Lich King Wrath.

Birthday of King Lich

When Nerzol left the dead world in Enver. He was immediately captured by Kiel Jayden. The devil was eager to take revenge on Ark. Kiel Jayden denied the bloody treaty that had been broken years ago and held it in place. Nerzol’s soul was alive when his body was torn to pieces. He was pardoned by Kiel Jayden and agreed to serve Satan again. Exactly as the deceiver had plotted. The soul of Nerzol was sent to Narthrand in the form of a mysterious crystal, this piece of ice increased his consciousness tens of thousands of times until he was captured by the power of Kyle Jiden. Ork was no longer the Nerzol that was destroyed, the Lich King , a creature created with very deep powers.




The whole contract of birth

Lech King’s most loyal servant A former member of the Kirin Tour cult was summoned by the Lich King mentally summoned to Narshandar. At the urging of the Lich King , he went to Nerzrand and allied himself with Nerzol, who promised him immortality and great power in return for his loyalty and knowledge. The Lich King allowed him to maintain his human staff and to go among the Lords and preach the religion of Ashqia.

Organizing anger

King Lich was sent to Azrut, landed in Narthrand. An icy place where a piece of ice brought him into the shape of a bed. Where he was to begin the organization of the wrathless immortals, setting the stage for the weakening of the world for the presence of the burning legion. This new army did not want to be the victim of the ongoing battle that had resulted in the defeat of the Ark in the conquest of Azrut. Terror lords led by Tychondrius were sent to take care of him. In the icy bed, King Lich experimented with his mental powers and kept native living beings in his bondage. The plague of the undead that came from the icy bed turned each of them into its immortal servants. Thus, using his mental power and necromance, he was able to conquer most of the ineffective parts.

As he devoured more souls, he grew in power alone as he personally controlled the immortals, giving him “more needed food.” This is how his power began to grow. A fact of which the Lords of Terror were well aware. King Lich went to war with the kingdom of Azul-Norub. The ancient inhabitants who were resistant to the plague of his cowards. The 10-year Spider-Man battle ended with the Lich King’s first major victory. (When the Neurobins were resistant to the plague, their corpses could be revived.) Lich King, influenced by his enemies, nevertheless took over the structure of the Neurobins as a testament to the stubborn and ancient spider lords.

He now had complete control over most of them. Then King Lich, with the power of his foresight, searched in Azrut and summoned any dark spirit that might respond to his call. Kolutozad, a sorcerer and a high-ranking official of the Dalaran Correctional Council, responded to his call. Kolutuzad soon reached the Lich King, and sincerely served him in the first step with the emergence of the Ashqiya religion.
Kolutozad and Lord Megans had learned to spread it, but Nerzol, always thinking of Kiel Jiden’s conspiracy, was secretly looking for a way out of his prison.
After months of preparation, Koltozad and his Ashqia religion dealt the first blow by releasing the plague on the Lords. Otter the Illuminator and his paladins investigated the plagued lands in hopes of finding a way to stop the plague. Despite their efforts, the plague continued to spread, and most of the northern lands of the lords were completely destroyed. As the unnamed troops approached the lords, the only son of King Terence, Artaxerxes Mantil, rose up to fight the rage.
As was always the case with King Lich, Arthas succeeded in killing Koltozad. But even with this, the ranks of the undead increased with each soldier who died defending the land. Failing to stop an enemy that seemed uncontrollable, Arthas took many steps to drive them out. He eventually ordered the slaughter of all those in Strathholm who had been infected by the plague. In doing so, he prevented Melegan from adding them to the power of the undead. Eventually Arthas’s friends warned him that he had lost his patience with his people. Arthas’s fear and decision ruined him. He pursued the plague as far as its source was concerned, intending to eliminate this danger forever.
There he accidentally met his old friend Moradin Beard Bronze, the brother of the Dwarf king Magni, and led the dwarf to the legendary weapons, which they hoped would help them fight the rage. Instead, Arthas made himself the prey of the great powers of King Lich. Believing that guns could help him save his people, Arthas picked up Cursed Sword. Although the sword gave him great power, it was very expensive.
Moradine was killed and Arthas began to lose his soul, becoming the first and greatest knight of King Lich’s death. . He crushed his soul and his mental health. Arthas led the wrath against his country, the Lords. Arthas killed his father King Terence and crushed the lords under the iron heel of King Lich.


The path of hell

With his hero Arthas, Nerzol spread the plague to all the lords. What was left of the surviving knightly knights retreated, and even the mighty Otter was defeated by the death knight. Arthas carried the fury north, to the land of the Quettalas elves, the great elves had no chance, and their capital, Silvermone, was destroyed – their ancient sunshine swayed and was used as a lychee to revive the Colosseum. Thus the lord was both pleased that King Lich’s loyal friend had returned, and the summoner had been released. Progress on the Legion map seemed unlikely. And Tychondrius was very careful.

Employees searched for the Lords, and the Book of Magic Medium was found, which contained the spells needed by Coltozad to summon Archimand. Eventually, Archimand was summoned to Dalaran, and immediately handed control of his rage to Thecandrius and the Lord of Terror. But theLich King’s work was not over.

Archimand might have lost control of Nerzol over the undead, but his desire for revenge on Queldori made him forget to return the iceberg to Kiel Jayden. This is how King Lich remained in power. During the Legion’s invasion of Ashnoville, Ilidan was released from his prison after a thousand years of captivity. Ilidan had realized a lot of magic, and he had the Golden Skull for himself many years ago.
King Lich sent Arthas to Kalimdor. There Arthas secretly spoke to Ilidan about the powers of the Goldan skull. Unable to resist such a force, Ilidan picked up the skull and harnessed its boundless energies. Ilidan, as planned by the Lich King, attempted to kill Ticandrius and free Flowood. Without the support team of Thicandrius, Archimandrite Biprova conquered Mount Hijal and guided himself to something else: his own destruction.

The legacy of hell


The constant standing of power and freedom of the world once again made Ilidan seek to find his place in this great game. However, Kiel Jayden confronted Ilidan and made him an offer that he could not refuse. Kiel Jiden was furious at Archimand’s defeat on Mount Hijal. But his great concern was other than revenge. Realizing that his creature, King Lich , was out of his control, Kiel Giden ordered Ilidan to destroy Nerzol and put an end to the wrathless once and for all. Instead, Ilidan could gain unspoken power and a real place among the remaining lords of the Burning Legion. Ilidan agreed and hurried to the icy bed, the icy crystal of his helmet in which the spirit of King Lich resided.

Elidan knew he needed a powerful structure to destroy the iceberg. Using the knowledge he gained from Goldan’s memory, Ilidan decided to find Sargras’s tomb and find the remains of the Dark Titan. Using his enormous evil powers, he suddenly summoned snake-like creatures from their dark sea places. Suddenly they were led by the old witch and the shrewd witch. Naga helped Ilidan find the broken islands, where Sargras’s tomb was rumored to be located. With the great power of Sargras’s eye, Ilidan traveled to the magic city of Dalaran.
The city was reinforced by power lines. Ilidan broke the Lich King’s fortifications with this spell and wanted to win that day forever. But at the last moment, Elidan’s destructive spell stopped when his brother Malforion intervened, and receiving such a deadly spell would cause great harm to the world.


Civil war in plagued lands


Now that King Lich had publicly opposed the Legion, he knew that the angry Kiel Jayden and his evil servants wanted to destroy Evin, but, in this dire situation, the descent lost its magical powers. As he moved Frostmorn out of the coffin, a Turkish iceberg formed in his helmet, and his power began to drip like blood from a hole. Halfway through Azrut, inhabiting the unholy remnant of his father’s kingdom, Arthas was losing power. He drew his power directly from the icy throne through his sword, and his power over the immortals was diminishing. However, his power was declining as the Lich King weakened. Arthas was involved in a civil war in the Lords.

Half of the standing forces of the undead, led by Benshi Silvans Badpa, suddenly got out from under the yoke of the Lich King and became angry at the disaster that had befallen them. Arthas was summoned by King Lich , and as the war intensified in the plagued land. He had to leave his anger in the hands of his deputy, Koltozad, and leave. Eventually Sylvans and his rebellious cowards (known as the forgotten) took control of the ruined city of Lordran.

They built fortifications in the lower floors of the ruined city, the forgotten made a vow to quell the wrath, and moved from the ground to Koltozad and his servants. King Lich was too weak to stop them. Arthas was weakened but determined to save his master, he reached Nartharand but only the nagas of Elidan and the blood elves were waiting for him. He and his allies (in the form of the crypt demons, led by the dead spider lord Anubak Arak) fought against the Ilidan forces to reach the icy summit of the iceberg and defend the icy bed.

King Lich Victory

After a short but difficult battle, Ilidan inadvertently set himself free, and Arthas took the opportunity to inflict a deep wound on the chest of the demon hunter with Frostmorn. Ilidan fell into the snow, was severely injured, and Arthas stepped forward to open the gates of the ice peak. Arthas entered the pit of the iceberg and saw a spiral of ice chained to the bottom of the peak. As he walked up the stairs to his destiny, he remembered the voices of those he had forgotten and the tears in his brain. He heard the moaning of Bronze Beard, Otter, and Gina calling him out, still ignoring them and rising. Finally he passed the spiral and saw behind him an icy helmet, which was like an armored fence.


Arranged like a place on a large couch. Now only one voice spoke to him, the sound of whispering descending: return the sword را complete the ring… release me from this cage! With a loud shout, Arthas picked up the mighty Artas Frostmorn to use in front of the Shah Lich icy prison, and with a sudden shout, the icy bed broke, and pieces of crystal scattered on the ground. King Lich’s thorny hat fell at his feet, Arthas bent down, picked it up, and then placed the very powerful object on his head. “Now” the voice of Nerzol echoed in his brain. “We are one”.

Thus was born one of the most powerful in the world, Azrut. Blizzard employee Burnak in response to the question of who is the Lich King? He replied that before Arthas put on the Lich King’s armor, the ghost of the former Nerzol Bo’s shaman orc was attached to the armor and physically encased in an icy bed. Now the souls of Arthas and Lich King are united and together they are Lich King.

Current actions

King Lich is now in Narthrand; There he built very strong fortifications around the icy bed. Kuhikhi Fortress, which is the home of thousands of fighters. His loyal servant, Kolutozad, commands wrath in the lands of the plague, while Anubak Arak commands the remnants of Azjolnrub.


Silence and its rebellious losers rule only the thyristifal forests of a small part of the war zones, and are constantly at loggerheads with Koltozad over their liberation. King Lich has countless powers and endless hatred of living things. The exploding bronze bearded dwarf thought that this was the only important thing of the time before King Lich thought of destroying or ruling over all the living wise men of Ruth, not even the Union and the Hordes, perhaps the Dragons and the Titans themselves.

King Lich traveled the world

Lich King’s voice will be heard around Naxaramas after defeating Sapphire. From his most trusted servant, Koltuzad praises his loyalty and then states that Koltuzad is ready to face the aggressors. His voice is a combination of the voices of Arthas and Nerzol. King Lich will be the last master of the upcoming expansion version, Lich King Wrath. He will probably be found in the fortifications of Kuhikhi Fortress.


According to this information: the players will clash with Artas’s servants from the moment they set foot. He is a stable character who shows the fear of the Lich King to the highest degree. Combining Nerzol (the necromancer shaman) and Arthas (the paladin who became the knight of death), the Lich King may have all the powers in the game.

Identity Crisis

There has been controversy in some Warcraft circles over what happened when Arthas and Nerzol merged. Some believe that Nerzol has conquered Arthas and the former prince is no more. Others make literary interpretations, such as “Now we are one,” believing that there are no two characters because they are truly one.

Fans are always thinking about the next plots related to King Lich, some say that Arthas is fighting Nerzol in his brain or that Artas is still a good amount in him. Chris Matzen was asked, “What is the truth about the Lich King?” He replied: “Artas and Nerzol is a perfect combination of Artas’s characteristics and body along with Nerzol’s wisdom, experience, power and evil.”

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