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General information about the Hunter class


The Hunter class is one of the oldest classes in the history of World of Warcraft. The efficiency of predators is not limited to hunting animals for food, and they represent a deep connection between humans and animals.

Predators have a strong connection to the wildlife, and taming the wildest creatures with them is very easy.

Predators have a deep connection to their tamed creatures and are rarely seen unaccompanied, subject to the hunter’s command and ready to attack.

They also have the ability to summon wild monsters and flocks of birds to attack the enemy, and if necessary, they can summon all the tamed petals to come to their aid. These tamed creatures can not only attack and harm the enemy, but also have the power to inspire or revive lives.

Hunters have a weakness if they are close to their enemies, so with their agility and cleverness, they try to stay out of the reach of enemies and attack by shooting them or ordering their animal. Also, for enemies that are a bigger threat in the near future, they can install a set of traps to slow them down and do more damage to them.

At first, hunters can only wear plain clothes or leather armor, but after reaching level 40, they can also use metal armor. They deal direct damage to the enemy and usually use rifles or bows and arrows, although they also have the ability to use swords and axes.

But they can not use all their abilities, reaching the level of 20, they acquire Dual Wield skills that they can pick up a gun in both hands and use it simultaneously.

The Hunter class is one of the most used warcraft classes in the world of Warcraft, while in the surface pipes it is simple to play, but it can challenge you a lot.

Most players think that the hunter class is only for damage. In single-player attacks, they may be right, but not in multiplayer and PvP battles, and you have to control people by placing traps to ensure that there is no problem with Monitor your pet and you will face many challenges.

  1. A Hunter needs Focus something like EnergyRageMana to use almost all of his skills .
  2. Focus Regeneration is a Hunter normally in four seconds that increases according to your Haste.
  3. In addition to FPS, Hunter can gain some Focus each time you use Cobra StrikesSteady Shot .
  4. Mail Specialization gives a Hunter + 5% Agility when he uses Mail in all his Slots
  5. GCD is a one second Hunter
  6. A Hunter can have five Pets in his Call Pet at the same time , but only one Pet can be with him.
  7. Each Hunter Pet can provide one of the Raid Buffs to the Raid depending on the Pet Family, such as: KING – FORT
  8. There are three types of Hunter pets, each with a Talent Tree type: FerocityCunning – Tenacity, among which Tenacities have the most Dps.

  • Hunter, like other classes, has three types of Talent Tree:
  1. Survival
  2. Marksmanship
  3. Beast Mastery

How to convert Hunter Stat in 85:


For every 120.109 Hit Rating you get 1% Hit.
For every 179.29 Crit Rating you get 1% Crit.
For every 128,057 Haste Rating you get 1% Haste.
For every 179.28 Mastery Rating you get 1 Mastery.

Attack power
For every fourteen APs you get a DPS Auto Shot

You get 2x AP for each Agility.
For every 324.85 Agility you get 1% Crit.
You get 0.55 Crit Rating for each Agility.

How to convert Hunter Stat to Pet:

All Pets:
42.5% Attack power
100% Crit
100% Haste

100% of Hit which means if you are Hit Cap your Pet will be Hit Cap and Expertise Cap.

Ferocity Pets:
67% Stamina
50% Armor

Cunning Pets:
72.5% of Stamina
60% of Armor

Tenacity Pets:
78% Stamina
70% Armor


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